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    BBC footage of my first ever well game at Fir Park.


    Loved watching this, and shows how I got hooked to being a well fan.


    I was one of the 5000 schoolkids, and Cammy Murray, the Lanark Grammar PE teacher was in the dugout as a coach.


    Great game, and amazing to see Cooper being a legend again.



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  2. Met Chick Young a few times. He's a really decent bloke. Keen to have a blether with you, and came across well.


    He also had a lovely big golden retriever that was ancient, but he took a long to a Dulka Pumpherston game at Moor Park in Lanark.


    He was decent.

  3. Just wondering about the availability of tickets for the game on new years day.


    Saw on the Accies site it will be ticket only, our allocation being sold from Fir Park, and any remaining ones being sold at the gate.


    Hope to take my six year old son and my dad along, and unsure how many will be available on the gate.


    Worth taking the risk for walking up on new years day to get in, or should I try and make it to FP on Saturday?


    Cheers folks

  4. been a lot of negativity (understandably) on the forum on recent weeks, and a few have touted the fact that we are doomed already.


    I pray that this is not the case, but if the worst case scenario happened, and Motherwell FC were gone, where would your allegiance lie?


    Would you be lost from the game forever, or would you follow another local club.


    Probably a bit controversial and I will say it is a purely hypothetical post!


    I'd go for Lanark United myself.

  5. Just as the topic says, reading the boards it seems like we will be relegated by March, and out of both cups before a ball is kicked.


    Yes European football was shite again, and we have not replaced some players, but does this not happen every year?


    A Lot of posters here seem to be willing the team to fail, and saying that SMC hasn't got a clue, yet every season we seem to come up with the goods.



    yyes we're skint,

    Yes we've not replaced some players,

    Yes our cup form been pish, but I've seen this happen in 25 years as a well fan.


    Every start of season is a clean slate, and other teams are worse off than us. (killie, St Johnstone when May away... Etc..)


    So let's not even predict stuff until we have at least had a few games!


    Rant over!

  6. Was this worse than HB or MyPa?


    Fuck sake, I remember watching Motherwell getting beat 2 1 by Lanark United a few years back.


    This could be the right good kick up the arse like we got after the 5_6 dons game, and get us to a really decent season.


    Didn't see the game, so not gonna comment, but shit happens in football.


    Wee teams have the habit of turning it on against big names.


    Whatever happens, I'll still be a well fan this time next year.

  7. Still trying to change my profile pic. He's the wee baby in my arms in the original pic!


    He's well excited about it, and ive pointed out Faddy when we've seen him driving his car down the road from our house.


    Never thought about the autographs, but I'm sure he will have a great day tomorrow. Hope that some of the players will let him have a wee photo with them before the match!


    Looking forward to finally seeing my brick on the wall too!


    Been a while since ive had a chance to go to FP, but looking forward to it. Lets hope for a goalfest!


    'Mon the Well!!!!

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