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  1. Does the reference to bosman not mean that it refers to someone currently under contract whose contract will end in the near future. My guess is that a pre-contract agreement might be made with the Irish midfielder we are reported to be interested in.
  2. Alan Burrows on twitter saying that there will be at least one more signing -more probably two. Interesting times!
  3. I think it was a cup game. At the time 3 subs were allowed. we had used both outfield subs when someone else got injured. although Woods was the sub goalie he came on for the injured player and played on the wing. I could, however, be totally wrong about this.
  4. If I remember correctly Alex McLeish signed Stevie Woods because he remembered him having a great game for Clydebank against Aberdeen in the cup a year or two before McLeish came to Fir Park
  5. I am reasonably relaxed about the way our signings are going. Tom Hately must have shown enough on trial to convince JG that he would be a good addition to the squad. It has also been clearly stated by JG that he is looking for a right back and a forward. I would expect that he will be aiming to address these two positions as soon as he can without rushing into anything.
  6. I would not be surprised to find out that Leitch was offered the manager's post at Well. I assume that part of JB's view on installing Leitch as number 2 before McGhee was appointed would have been with a view to him taking the number 1 post in the future. Having said that I am not unhappy that he has apparently turned the job down. It is now the time for a fresh start

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