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  1. A while two weeks preseason training and one friendly! Should be ready for the league season now eh? FFS give the players time to bed in and get used to each other
  2. Dean Brill must be absolute dug meat if he can't get a game in front of Sampson
  3. No sarcasm involved. I genuinely believe McGhee won the game today, for Hearts
  4. Just when I was jumping on the Mark McGhee bandwagon he does something to show what an utter bawbag he really is. Thanks Mark, I can truly keep hating you now. That was humiliating today, thanks to you.
  5. Whoever voted for McFadden needs to take a good look at themselves. He's past it plain and simple. He's a club 'legend' but it's time for sentiment to go out the window, the best thing about him now is his new hairline
  6. Can't believe that people still think McGhee will get us out of this. Clueless morons
  7. Don't remember the score, but it was Summer 1984, it was against Partick Thistle. My big brother took me, I was 6. It was my first ever Motherwell game. That's my favourite game
  8. Dosser30

    Mark McGhee

    He didn't mention Gordon enough...............
  9. They served as ballast to keep his huge melon of a head up
  10. The balance was tipping for me wether i'd be back at Fir Park in the near future, with Christmas coming up and saving for a divorce, but this decision, if true, to appoint Mark feckin McGhee has pushed me over the edge. I'll still look out for the results, but as far as giving any more money to a club that's going backwards instead of forwards, no more I'm afraid. Can you get a refund on Well Society investments at all?

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