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  1. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/sport/scottish-opportunity-for-gillingham-defender-250478/ Sounds like the centre-half, "Christian" could well be Christian Maghoma
  2. I m led to believe the transfer window never closes it only slams shut
  3. Played a couple of games at Salford City when Alexander was manager
  4. Mio Krivokapic


    Terribly sad news. I used to correspond with Andy when he ran the excellent exiles club. On here he was always a reasoned, objective and sensible poster whose posts I enjoyed to read R.I.P
  5. Yes thats totally as I saw it. In theory having a competitive spirit is the working model you want in a squad. However in reality what we tended to see was having so many options did always seem to create those selection problems for Robinson. As I saw it, certain positions/players always seemed one poor performance from being dropped whilst other players/positions seemed to get another chance. That sort of approach cant have created a good atmosphere or instilled much confidence with some of the squad
  6. Looking at the options Alexander has in picking his first line up really brings home just how desperately poor the recruitment in the summer was Maybe going forward, rather than looking for 2 players in every position, we can work with a smaller squad with the budget being concentrated on bringing better quality in
  7. I think there is a fair chance you'd catch him
  8. Cheers Andy, I always enjoy reading your summing up of a game, as it tends to be an objective and constructive view point
  9. Still surprised that we didnt face stiffer competition from clubs higher up the 'food chain' in bringing in Gallagher & Polworth. Early days admittedly but when you see how well they have slotted into the team/system and their individual performances are now being singled out for praise in the national media - it makes you realise what good shrewd signings they have so far been. When you compare them to teams with bigger budgets summer signings, in similar positions to Gallagher & Polworth, like Ash Taylor Adam Jackson Glenn Whelan Joe Newell You cant help but question their recruitment policy
  10. Lots of positives today Another win Another clean sheet Start for Maguire Goal for Scott Plus some good performances in what was a tricky fixture
  11. I think reading this forum since Robinson's appointment it does seem , quite simply there are those on here who want him and the team to do well & others with their own agendas (ie perhaps 'being proved right' on an internet message board) who are so obsessed with him failing that they refuse to see any good in him So if anything bad happens .... its Robinson's fault and if anything good happens its has to be down to someone else
  12. Great win at a notoriously tough place for us to get anything Never going to be a great game against a Tommy Wright side Think we looked to match them in the ability to be "Streetwise" particularly second half May & Davidson seemed to spend most of the afternoon in a horizontal position Ridiculous decision to give a penalty for that "Challenge"
  13. Hastie scores on his league debut for Rotherham

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