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    How long do you think any manager at Motherwell would last if we were flirting with relegation but getting beat 5-4 every week playing attacking football ?. Like everything in life there is a happy medium. Alexander has probably surpassed the targets set by the board for the season so deserves another go. Even though at times the football on offer was rotten all we were crying out for was a couple of players in attacking positions with a little more quality. Tony Watt was sorely missed for that little bit of magic we needed We desperately need to bring in quality rather than quantity in summer To be fair ast year was exceptional due to covid meaning a bigger squad than usual.
  2. Well that first half is typical of our season Not pretty very frustrating but unbelievably still in contention
  3. We are top of the table of teams to get points after going a goal down !
  4. The way I see it is every summer we pick up 7 or 8 mediocre players and hope we can transform a couple of them into good players. This summer we have 7 or 8 players out of contract so we should be able to bring in another raft of players to pick from. Hopefully we can find that one diamond amongst them. From last batch I would say Woolery, Slattery, Solholm Johanson, Van Veen, Teirney, Sheilds, goss and Efford are worth persevering with I'm counting Kelly as the diamond.
  5. If you do most of the work you will make the most mistakes Nobody's perfect and if they were they certainly wouldn't be playing for us !
  6. Cant believe the criticism Mugabi is getting. The only reason he makes more mistakes than some others is because he is doing more in the first place !
  7. Good performance from 10 & 1/2 men. Starting to look more attacking and creating more chances
  8. Kelly O'Donnel Mugabi Solholm Carrol Slattery Cornelius Goss Tierney Efford Van Veen
  9. I would prefer the money we got for Watt to be spent on securing the signature, on new contracts of players, already at the club than on bringing someone new in in this window.
  10. Gavin Gunning and Fraser Kerr start for Chesterfield against Chelsea
  11. Quite confusing as he appears to be playing for both !
  12. Surprised to see Craig Moore is at Darvel now who are in Scottish Cup action tonight Craig Reid with them as well
  13. Have a look in the attic folks https://subbuteo.online/the-subbuteo-teams-whose-prices-have-increased-by-nearly-50-in-just-six-months
  14. Seriously worried now Apart from 10mins at start of 2nd half we were woeful. no idea what the midfields job is they dont defend and they don't attack. Aimlessly umping the ball forward time and time again to zero effect. And don't get me started on our corners !

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