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  1. So... who is going to be our replacement for Kipre? Will it be Aldred or is there someone else you think we should sign? Seems like he’s getting a hard time from the Bury fans, maybe he would be keen to come back.
  2. Who is on the bt vision programme? One of the suits was cheering when we scored but can't figure out from here who it is.
  3. Kim

    Aalesund (2nd Leg)

    Craigan for me. Thought he had an excellent game.
  4. Spot on. Were any women frisked on Saturday? I'm sure the stewards outside were all male.
  5. Ah, I thought the current Mrs Hately was his mum.
  6. Kim


    It was Craigan for me this time.
  7. Was the dinner not planned for February?
  8. Craigan. He's been a great servant to motherwell on and off the pitch for many years. I wouldn't give it to Reynolds because I reckon we'll cash in on him in January... but Las is a good shout. Plus, it'd be harsh to take it off Craigan in his testimonal year. Just MHO.
  9. My favourite 'well goal ever, my favourite (and first) 'well strip, and my favourite 'well player getting fouled. Fantastic clip! And there is a very young me in the video celebrating! Happy days.
  10. Becuase it was half 7 in the morning and I was going out at 8am. I knew I would be down at the shop in the morning so wanted to give them a heads up that I was coming and I knew they used these boards. I could have phoned at 9am but I don't know the number. Have to say the guy in the shop had read the message, sent me a pm about it and was more than happy to switch the shirt when i got down there. I was in and out in 2 mins rather than having to explain the story while being parked on the yellow lines...
  11. Was the first thisng I accused him of! (Says one well fan is more than enough trouble for one bloke).
  12. I would want some press coverage ... and £1000
  13. Just got the new Motherwell away strip for my birthday. When I opened it up I discovered it already it has someone else's name and number on the back of it (Clare 87). Now I need to make the trip down to the Well Shop to change it. I'll need to do this as my OH is spitting with rage. He's a don's fan and it takes him all his time to go into the well shop at the best of times but when he got me this as a surprise and it was messed up he's fuming. Just thought I'd make anyone at the club shop aware of what's happened (in case they think they've lost the Clare 87 shirt). And if anyone is looking for the named strip, it will be back at the shop at some point this morning.
  14. I *might* have that programme. But I'll need to search. If I get the chance (and can find my masses of programmes I'll give you a shout.

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