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  1. That was my fault. I was skim-reading and thought it was a run-of-the-mill double post.
  2. My dream draw would see us traveling to Arnhem but I'm stoney broke so I can't afford it. Please don't give us Vitesse. Please.
  3. Yes, this is all my fault and I accept full responsibility.
  4. And it's on a green uniform! I must love both halves of the Ex-Firm.
  5. I believe the aim was to highlight how ridiculous another poster's comment was, one that claimed that "a lot of 'Well fans are Celtic or Rangers 'minded'" and that "Anyone that disagrees are off their head". It appears to have worked.
  6. I'm saddened to learn of Auldyin's passing, I'll be raising a glass to him tonight. My condolences to his family and friends.
  7. Cakes

    Tom And Hannah

    Aye, but will he wear an engagement ring? Has mumsnet launched a hostile takeover of S.O.? Which shop is offering the best deal on Lenor fabric conditioner?
  8. Cakes


    "Null Vote" should be used as a vote for "No-one, they were all pish", it records the abstention and shows how many people felt that way. "Show Results" should be used by those who aren't in a position to vote but would like to see the results of the poll.
  9. I'm sure the Andy Carroll thing was during McGhee's time as manager. I remember his Newcastle contacts temporarily taking the place of his famous German contacts.
  10. That's exactly what popped into my head when I read his name. FWIW I think it was in Colin O'Neill's testimonial v Ipswich.

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