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  1. For the under seventies, maybe I should add that he was our rock-solid goalkeeper when we had arguably the most skilful and entertaining football side Scotland has ever had.
  2. Showing my age, but Hastie Weir would be a good shout.
  3. He’s Dutch. It’s pronounced van Vain.
  4. shooie

    Michael Higdon

    Thank you for the first-hand account. I'm glad no non-combatants were involved and that a bouncer, like some stewards at matches, went too far.
  5. shooie

    Smoke Bombs

    I thank you for repeating some of my main points, but: YOU said people were wetting their pants; YOU admit you were blotto; YOU and our pals' behaviour resulted in the Club having to issue an apology; YOU won't be missed if you decide to take your poison elsewhere. I was at the match and I had a drink before the game which is why I was able to comment in an informed way regarding The Mallard. As it says on the tin, you and your mates were a disgrace.
  6. shooie

    Smoke Bombs

    I had hoped this thread was dying and I wouldn't have to respond to your post. However, there were more than 300 'Well fans in the stadium and the drunks numbered about 20. Many of the pisspots didn't make it all the way to Victoria Park and that's a plus. Maybe it was you or one of your pals who was on the floor of The Mallard pissed out of his mind an hour before kick-off and maybe it was he or you who wet himself. Most of his/your noisy and obnoxious mates who weren't sitting down in the pub could barely stand up. If that's how you want to behave, take it to the San Giro or the Greyskulls Arena. I don't think we need your "atmosphere".
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    Ross County

    Poor performance all round except for Randolph. We need Faddy to start before we can make any sort of judgement. Was right midfield an experiment? All the RC player against him wanted to do was to take a "superstar" out of the game by mainly foul means. Is that what he'll face every game?
  8. shooie

    Smoke Bombs

    No. The stewards were fine. I'm ashamed to say a section of our support behaved very badly. This wasn't about atmosphere. It was about drunken idiots.
  9. Sorry about that NWF. It's bad for you but good for me. I had to stay overnight at the Moorings after the last meeting because of the difficulty of coming back over the Southern Uplands late at night. Give us all your views. Those who agree will be very happy to take them forward.
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    Levante Cd

    In that case they would be allowed.
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    Levante Cd

    I don't suppose you're aware of the Al Jolson song, "The Spaniard who Blighted My Life". Good tune and contains the memorable line, "Ill stick a bunion on his Spanish onion if I catch him bending tonight. Ole!"
  12. Here's a quotation from a 1937 Hollywood movie called "Nothing Sacred": "I'll tell you briefly what I think of newspapermen. The hand of God, reaching down into the mire, couldn't elevate one of them to the depths of degradation." Nothing much has changed in 75 years then.
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    It was the [email protected] e-mail address given in the official announcement of the charter and I gave details exactly as requested.
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    Mibbees. I registered interest last Saturday. I'm now told I'm on the reserve list. I would have paid up front or at least posted a non-refundable deposit. Most people on the flight apparently booked even before the draw. I suspect that there will be a mass cancellation due to the budgie being sick or granny no too weel on Wednesday next if we get slaughtered in the first leg. Some way to run a business.
  15. Try taking into account that all of the SPL clubs will face financial cutbacks, that we are in European competitions, that all will have smaller squads and that we are the best run club in the SPL. Still think 11th? C'mon the 'Well
  16. Sadly, this might have the opposite effect. Hard-nosed Sky Sport executives would see Scottish subscriber numbers fall. They would interpret this as being due to Rangers not being in the SPL. Whether because of your protest or because of disaffected rangers fans would not matter to them. The TV rights would simply be worth less in their view.
  17. That's really very good. :laugh:
  18. I agree with all of that, especially about the craven media reports. The Board have done the best they could to be fair and honest. Compate that with the conduct of Rangers over the past dozen years. My "NO" vote was posted yesterday morning.
  19. MFC tries to lay out the situation as it is (mind you they left out the Scottish Cup and the League Cup parts of the equation and the certainty that we would end up one place above what we might otherwise have expected in the SPL next season) and the media (sorry BBC, since I have not seen the other reports) take, totally out of context, a possible downside to the demise of the duopoly and a chance for merit to break through. Might there be some Ugly Sisters in their midst?
  20. You do not concede that there were more than 600 Arabs at the last mach of the season. OK, but you must be blind. We'll have a better chance of finishing second or better and the Celtic will have their cosy dominance with their "oldest" (nothing of the sort) rivals cut to shreds with the 11-1 rule abolished. Bigotry? It's your McEnroe moment - "You cannot be serious."
  21. I wish I could test you on that but I have no access to away fans' figures on that day. But if you are saying that the average pay at the gate numbers of 'Well fans went up by 2,000 or more, I'd have to be sceptical. My subsidiary point was to refute the assertion that there were more than 600 away fans on only two occasions last season. Can there be any doubt that more Motherwell fans will attend Fir Park when the SPL is not a two-horse race, when the bulk of non-gate income is not awarded to the Ugly Sisters, and when we have a more realistic chance to qualify for European competition, and when bigotry, from either side ceases to be the dominant factor in Scottish football?
  22. I've just seen this. The letter only applies to SPL games. 125,000 people came to Fir Park last season for SPL, League Cup and Scottish Cup games. They paid an average of £15 each making £1,875,000. Rangers absence in the SPL would have reduced the total coming to Fir Park last season to 115,000. That might have cut gate income by say £200,000 or 8.5% or so. On 6 June we were told that season ticket sales were up by over 26%. According to the way you do your figures less than 300 Motherwell fans on average pay at the gate. Apparently we can look forward to much bigger home crowds without Rangers. By the way, you're wrong about Hearts and Hibs. There were 7,456 fans at the last day of the season match agains Dundee United. I can't remember how many Arabs were there but it was at least a couple of thousand. In a more competitive SPL, without Rangers and with Celtic having to live without their greedy lion's share of resources, I believe attendances can only go up.
  23. The letter says underPotential Implications on Revenue, paragraph 2. Gate Income: "Last year our cash income from gate receipts was £1.64m comprising £670k season tickets, £970k fans pay at gate." Where did you find other figures?
  24. This is just not true. According to the official site we have pulled in 126,472 in 21 home games this season averaging 6,022 per match. In SPL games we had 105,498 in 17 matches. That means an average crowd at SPL games of 6,205. PLEASE STOP TALKING US DOWN!
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    Fir Park Dj Must Go

    I fought the law and the law won.

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