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  1. What happened to Rosie Alan????
  2. It was a much better deal all round, and it was not an easy decision for Marc,as he said Motherwell has been a big part of his life for a long time and he was sad at how his time at the club ended! I might still post as i wont get dogs abuse for being biased.....was i ever biased!!!
  3. Don't know where you got your info but he was offered more money!!!
  4. roadrunner


    Went for Sutton.
  5. Kerr has not been training at Fir Park,all a big fat rumour!!!
  6. It was 3 0 to Motherwell when i left with about 10 mins to go! McHugh scored 2 and i missed who scored the 3rd!!
  7. He played in the bounce game tonight against albion rovers at dalziel park.
  8. Had an op on his knee 2 weeks ago, result of his origional injury.
  9. Thank You. No more wee stories will be told, dont want to upset anyone.
  10. I was not upset. Where did i say that posters don't have a right to question whether he gets a contract or not!! It was a lighthearted story from the dressing room that was all. This is why i stopped reading or posting on these boards. In most employments if you are ill you will be paid, however if it makes you feel better he has been earning his money in other ways at the club by doing charity events etc so he is not being paid just for the 70 mins of football!!!!
  11. Don't think there was any need for that!! I was making a lighthearted comment in reply to the previous post...!!!
  12. This made me laugh when I read it because it reminded me of the time when the senior players said to the gaffer at the team talks in the dressing room that they should play Fizzy because they never lost when he was playing!!
  13. roadrunner

    Jim O'Brien

    You should have spoken to him in asda he wouldn't have minded! Don't think the gaffer thought he was match fit but would maybe have given him a run out if the games hadn't been as important to us and if the scores had been better with 20mins or so to go. As for the contract situation ...that's not for me to say!!

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