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  1. Dunne without a doubt...however, Tait and McHugh both had excellent 90mins
  2. First time I've managed to get on here after Saturdays game. I was, unusually for me, really looking forward to the match...due to Killies run of results and the clamour for Clarke to get the Scotland job , added to our reasonably good recent set of results, I was expecting a good game of football to watch. Unfortunately, what we got was one team set up in a defensive manner, and another team that lacked the guile and creativity to work out how to break them down, despite having possession of the ball for almost the entire game. I was really disappointed in Killie, their continual slowing down of the game and their defensive tactics. I'm not sure if that was a 1-off from them, or if that it is their general gameplan, but whatever, its horrendous to watch. From our point of view, I thought the defence was superb, but they only really had to deal with Fat Boyd and Fat Erwin. Dunne and Tait in particular were brilliant, Dunne (other than his distribution) has been superb since Christmas and with Tait, you know exactly what you're getting, no matter where he plays. The other player that I thought played really well, was McHugh, the grief he is getting from the stands is an absolute joke, from folk who clearly haven't a clue. Onto the negatives, we badly missed Alan Campbell in the middle of the park, I'm far from convinced about Andy Rose, I get that his energy levels are good, and I realise that he has marked dangerous players out of certain games, but I'm looking for more from my central midfielder than that. Cadden looks jaded, or unfit. Frear is a player that I like, but when we are playing a team that play as deep as Killie did, he is always going to struggle to impact as pace is his strong point. Tanner was poor, while Ciftci continues to infuriate me, although one thing I'd say in his defence, is that he gets absolutely no protection from referees, with the 1st half penalty incident being a case in point. Despite defeat, I came away from the game, frustrated but not downbeat, we're not far away at all, from being a decent team at this level.
  3. Absolutely hate a Friday night game myself, for me Sunday is preferable but not ideal
  4. It appears to be the absolute opposite strategy of Mark McGhee in his 1st spell....how many times during that period did we completely run over the top of the opposition in the 1st half of games, before tiring but by that point the other team had the stuffing knocked out of them 9 times out of 10? I don't really get the Robinson strategy to be honest, we've been found to be chasing far too many matches this season
  5. I'm pretty sure that one of the fannies that have recently managed Scotland, begged this guy to play for us on the back of some tenuous link
  6. Never made it along, but delighted with the three points and encouraged to hear it wasn't 90minutes of utter shite
  7. The thought of Kipre playing in midfield is making me laugh out loud...the amount of folk advocating it is making me laugh even more. I honestly can't fathom where its coming from, particularly when we have as many midfield options as I can remember. Anybody remember the time we tried to play Clubber Laing at centre-mid? We have a chance to really develop Kipre into a player that we'll be able to sell for a good amount of cash, hes doing well in his current position, lets leave him there and allow Aldred and/or Hartley to pass on their experience. That said, I'd be up for switching to a 4 at the back at some point in the near future
  8. I was in line with it, sitting in the East Stand...didn't look anywhere near over the line at the time
  9. McKinnon for me, just a fantastic player that should have had more recognition with the National team.
  10. Ciftci was a yard offside when the free-kick was taken, which sums up how I felt about his performance overall. Granted he scored the goal that rescued a point for us, but I thought he absolutely abysmal. On the happy-clappers v the moaning bastards debate, I like to think that I'm supportive of the players, team and Club more often than not...but what we are being subjected to watch just now, is a complete and utter turn-off, this constant hoof up the park is making my eyes bleed, and the entertainment value is zero. On the game itself, I thought Carson had potentially his poorest match since signing for us, from my view in the East Stand he looked culpable at the goal through indecision, coming off his line to collect the cross, and then back pedalling when he realised he wouldnt get it. A couple of occasions he was also coming out of his box, when he really didn't need to, and punched one or two crosses that I'd have expected him to catch...hopefully just a bad day. The three lads at the back, were excellent, including the much maligned Dunne...all three were my contenders for man of the match Campbell and McHugh worked hard, and while McHugh wasnt my motm, hes certainly no where near the 'pish' and 'shite' player that some have decided he is. Defensively he is sound and he offers that protection to the defence. Hendrie was utterly anonymous, to the point that it looked to me like he was hiding, however its his first game having only joined a few days previously. On the other side, Cadden just doesnt look fit and was no more than a bit part during the game. Tanner was poor and I'd have whipped him off at half-time and gave Bigirimana a crack at unlocking Thistles defence. Up front, Big Main is an absolute grafter and looking like an astute bit of business so far, while the jury is out on Ciftci for me, despite his well-worked goal. Tait and Frear both helped in a positive sense when they came on, but what is the point of this Lithuanian fella'?
  11. Expect the unexpected is pretty much my thoughts each season, particularly these days where we seem to punt about 10 players each Summer and bring the same amount in. As we've proven over the past 30 years, we really are capable of finishing anywhere between 3rd place and 11th place depending on squad retention, injuries and good old-fashioned luck. We're also capable of producing players and teams that excite, but on the other end of the spectrum we have seen teams that would make your eyes bleed. I think we'd all be lying if we said we support Motherwell for the glory, for me its about a love of football and supporting my local team. I honestly believe that the highs when they come along, far outweigh the highs that a Rangers or Celtic fan will feel.
  12. Form dips? I've not seen him have a poor game yet...granted have seen nothing at all from last night, but heard he got the captains armband when McHugh went off, not bad for a 19 year old
  13. The amount of comps we'd need to give out to his extended family???
  14. Jay, I've seen it mentioned elsewhere, is Boyle paid off in full or not?

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