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  1. Thought we looked extremely rusty last night - did we play enough pre-season friendlies in advance? I agree with a lot of the comments - Sutton needs support and will only come alive in the box, so we need to provide service. The lack of movement was shocking at times.
  2. I like Hammell but in my time of watching Motherwell he is certainly behind Boyd and McKinnon
  3. My own fault for not being on here for a while, does there happen to be any spares in medium left? Thanks Murray
  4. carlukemurray


    Really enjoyed my first away game in ages, top marks to the singing section who showed up the library that is Parkhead. We were almost blown away in the first 15/20 minutes but played very well in the second half and were looking good for a goal....until the penalty miss. I thought Murphy had the bit between his teeth and looked fantastic in a role with a license to roam. We'll miss him.
  5. I hope Murphy gets the move he wants, I agree with a number of posts here, notably; a) that Murphy doesn't seem that fussed about moving, the club need the cash and the post about lack of cashflow until 20th Jan makes sense b) Page -not fussed about him leaving c) Humphrey - if we can get cash then take it Hopefully McCall can work some magic on young players (huge opportunities for them coming up). Summer will be massive.
  6. Missed the home games over the festive season due to family events so got tickets for this, really looking forward to it. Think we have a real chance if we go for it. 'Mon the Well
  7. Some of the comments on this are hilarious and also very cringe worthy. We are going through a massive period of change - within Motherwell as a club, Scottish football as a whole and the economy across the UK. To answer the question though; Short term - improvement is required, players should be dropped if they are not performing, especially over a long period of time. Medium term - Trouble is brewing, how many players are out of contract at the end of the season? A big management job lies ahead, whether that be for McCall or for someone else. Long term - A new stadium, fan ownership........and a rollercoaster as always
  8. I was looking at the fixtures last night. We have to fancy taking something from Aberdeen, they are not scoring many goals at all whereas we are doing pretty well on that front. Full credit to Higdon for banging them in after taking quite a bit of stick (including that from myself) after the European games. 3-points at Aberdeen would be a dream, but as long as we take a point. McCall and the team should be/will be well up for the trip to Ibrox. He may make a few changes but the squad isn't big enough for a complete revamp for the cup. Celtic's away record is poor so far. Hope that continues at Fir Park. 4 points against the Dons and Celtic would be magnificent. Sneaking through at Ibrox a dream!
  9. Wow, what a thread! I'll just add my opinions; 1) Motherwell could have gone for it a bit more. 2) That said, they looked quite happy sitting back and taking what we had. Martinez (in the excellent programme from last night) said that is their style of play. 3) I think Levante had a lot more to offer, they simply didn't need to step up a gear. 4) It was also only their second competitive game of the season. 5) I would have liked to see Murphy move into the middle last night and offer us some pace there.
  10. Had a good debate after the match about Higdon. He is what many would classify 'a solid pro'. He'll score 10-15 SPL goals this season but in reality he is overweight, lacks mobility, can't turn with the ball and can't run with the ball. Higdon's limitations impact on others. Law, Lasley and Murphy are all capable of picking out a pass and spotting a through ball, Higdon just doesn't offer them anything. Cummins gets my vote for MotM
  11. I tweeted Motherwell at half-time during The Proclaimers 'mash-up' offering my advice on tunes at the match. I think we should start a petition.
  12. Absoloute non-starter. What if the player broke his leg on his debut? You'd feel a bit daft forking out for a guy who was injured for months on end. The only way this could happen would be if a major beneficator fancied a particular player for a short period of time and stumped up. E.g. Robbie Keane when he went to Celtic. Ordinary football supporters have enough to worry about rather than paying a players wages. Ticket, sponsorship and TV money pay for that. Every club should run within its means.
  13. BANG ON THE MONEY! I guess this is why you are a moderator. ;-) If we can get £750k+ for the two of them then I think we will be doing well.
  14. Why do you think they don't go to games?
  15. Got to agree with this comment. Fact is, Motherwell have a hardcore support of 3,500-4,000. Anything on top of that depends on; Opposition How we are playing Weather - quite surprised by the low attendance on Saturday, lovely weather for football Timing - Saturday was the last weekend before the school holidays, so many families would be shopping Price/ the economy - I do think that the price doesn't match the product on the field when it comes to Scottish football Solutions? Well every idea needs to be looked at as it is an incredibly worrying time for Scottish football. Motherwell's average attendance can't have changed too much in the last 10-15 years, has it? So what can be done to get these floating fans to come more regularly? My idea (which would maybe help a little) would be to offer a 10 game ticket with a decent discount on what you would normally pay. That way you could get people who can't go every week to stump up money in advance, still allowing them to pick and choose their games, but meaning the club get more money up front. Almost like a half-season ticket that the club offer at Christmas, but in advance.

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