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  1. We offered the boy a contract but County blew ours out the water unfortunately
  2. 6 - 6. The most bonkers game I've ever witnessed.
  3. They do. A large section of our fan base travelled to Aberdeen to direct abuse at McGhee (rightly or wrongly, although the content was certainly questionable) because his commitment to the club was lacking in his second season and he left the club in a pretty poor state and to put it bluntly..f*ked off up to aberdeen. The abuse he copped that day was testament to the feelings that developed over the previous eight weeks. I agree, the rebuild was no where near what we went through last summer, however we had the same manager with direction and a plan (albeit not a very good one). The summer of 09 we were left short in several key areas with no manager and a European campaign only weeks away. But he has the well tie on so he will get my backing along with the majority of fans, however wounds remain deep for some.
  4. http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/2610909/McGhee-Jim-Gannon-is-doing-great-job-at-Motherwell.html Just for you precious. And secondly, since you like your numbers you'll realise that you can't sustain a season with seven/eight players. McGhee was right, Gannon was "lumbered with the toughest task in the SPL." The endless speculation about him trying to take O'Brien to Pittodrie was also helpful.
  5. It was actually your messiah himself that said we were left with nothing.. McGhee said: "Gannon deserves a lot of credit. I felt he had the hardest job out of all of the managers because this summer and last season Motherwell lost Paul Quinn, David Clarkson, Stephen Hughes, Maros Klimpl, Graeme Smith, Ross McCormack and Chris Porter. "That's the best of my team that finished third. So he had to pick it up with all that talent gone and with young lads who had never been proven." Better have another look at your history book, mind appears to be a bit foggy.
  6. Shame the game against Llanelli wasn't seven a side
  7. Six years ago we took a bigger than usual following up to Aberdeen where a sizeable section of the crowd travelled purely to give him 90 minutes of dogs abuse including the paedo stuff. Probably testament to how aggrieved we felt back then with his continous whoring and horrible big heided attitude. We had also been left with a diddy goalkeeper and pretty much no one else in the summer of 09. You can call that giving the next man a clean slate to start again or sheer incompetence.. I'll go with the latter. Since then he has ruined his legacy at Aberdeen and taken promotion favourites Bristol Rovers to second bottom of league two.. A startling 26% win percentage in a league they were expected to romp. Now 78% of folk on this forum are happy to take him back with open arms. And people think the boy David is mental!
  8. This. Since his spell with us he's been sacked by Aberdeen, sacked by Bristol Rovers and been part of a management team that's failed to meet their objective. But aye, welcome back.
  9. Like most clubs we have our percentage of dafties in our support. Good turnout from them on Tuesday night.
  10. Watt. Still in his plans but very immature. Needs to grow up. Source: Baraclough's own mooth
  11. Moult But in all honesty there were no pass marks today. Laing and Hammell I thought were particularly abysmal, along with Law and Taylor.. and Skippy.. and McManus. Ainsworth couldn't be bothered this week. Dom tried but failed. Ripley didn't really need to do all that much. Lasley had the job of running the midfield himself in light of Taylors non appearance today. Didn't really cope. Interesting to note that Kennedy and Chalmers who were stand outs against Killie were benched for someone who doesn't look fit and someone who doesn't look capable. Baffling Barra logic!
  12. This sums up the day/season perfectly. Every week it's the same stuff. Two games against Rangers, a game against St Mirren, a game against hamilton and a half against Inverness aside, the football under this manager is feking rank.
  13. Thought Moult was atrocious. Very Bob McHugh-esque. Continually lost the ball. Couldn't hold it up. Looked lost. Thomas surely deserves a start next week.
  14. As I was walking down the Copland Road, I heard a mighty clamour, Cause the brand new h**s, They got f*ked 3 - 1, By the boys in Claret and Amber. From the minute they arrive the atmosphere should be poisonous. They will not bully us. This is our time !
  15. A stunning stunning performance last night and victory is well and truly in sight. Sunday is our moment to shine after decades of the old firm running the show in our back yard. This is our cup final and we should be trying to make the difference anyway we can. Would love to see a welcoming committee for the Rangers bus arriving just to let them what they are walking into. The drum the noise the Bois. Welcome to Fir Park. As many Well fans inside an hour before KO. Every touch they take in training booed mercilessly. Should they attempt shuttle runs up the east then they get quietly told where they are. This is our time, in about this lot from the minute they arrive.

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