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  1. Just did a wee search and world cup winner Simone Perrotta played in the Chievo team. Bit of a legend in Italian football i'd say.
  2. Last night was just incredibly poor. Can't really say any part of our game was decent We had nothing to defend except two or three corners and throw ins. We attacked absoluetly nothing with no movement from the strikers And of course the passing and possession is going to look good when Llanelli don't even put any pressure on us. They had no interest in winning any tackles they just sat back and watch us fanny about. Basically nae conviction or desire to score a goal! Get Sutton to fuck canny have him standing about on the 18 yard line all season doing sweet f.a. Thought slane and saunders showed themselves to be in with a shout for more starts though! Need to get the finger out big time for next week!
  3. Since there seems to be alot of talk about ex-players! How well did Van Der Gaag do at Maritimo and is he still there? Did he not manage to get to the champs league qualifier against Rangers. *Edit* Didnt realise he was just a player! Had this weird notion of him being their manager*
  4. Apparently Boothroyd is waiting for the QPR job. I would take Coppell ......think he is a quality manager But i can see it being Gary Mac if Mcghee goes!

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