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    Be careful with sun screen ratings as US made sun screen uses a different system for rating the SPF and they cannot be compared to european brands. US brands such as Nivea seem much higher protection when in fact they are lower. Go for something like Aldi own Lacura brand, UVA and UVB and 5 star rated. Also much cheaper.
  2. VWBug

    Fir Park Dj Must Go

    Meat Loaf "Two out of three aint bad", Eh hawd on, that wont work now! Metalica "Unforgiven"
  3. I think you make too many assumptions about me. Apology accepted.
  4. I think you might be reading something into in to my posts which isn't there. I don't think for one minute that season ticket holders are any better than they PATG punter. I do however think that by committing to a season ticket gives the same security to the club as much as the same value to this scheme. When push comes to shove in this scheme there will be nowhere near the numbers of takers as there are people who say they will at the moment. Reality isn't negativity. I choose to have a season ticket even though i know that I will miss about 5 or 6 games a season making it less cost effective than paying at the gate but like it or not season ticket sales are the only guaranteed paid up front income that the club gets therefore has to base its finances around it.
  5. I was in no way saying that the scheme should be aimed at season ticket holders only. to the contrary. I just think that people who invest in the club already by buying a season ticket are the more likely ones to further support the club. Why would a regular PATG punter put out £300 to join the scheme rather than buy a season ticket? At the same time why would a current season ticket holder be swayed by the benefits of the membership when they already get most of them with their season ticket. The people that will contribute over and above their current input whatever it is would do so anyway. I see the real potential target here as the local businesses that would get corporate benefits and advertising etc. Not your PATG supporter. Just my view of it mind.
  6. Like everything this will have an initial large amount of interest but the key to a scheme like this is keeping the interest and peoples long term commitment. It is just human nature to become infatuated with an idea only for that interest and commitment to it to diminish over time. Peoples finances change as do their priorities. I think the idea of all of this is great and inspiring but I do worry that realistically are there enough people genuinely and I do mean genuinely willing to put there money in to our small club regularly to make this work.
  7. I know that this is not about the member benefits but why do they list benefits that you already receive as a season ticket holder anyway and the Junior member benefits are just basically the same as the ones for being a member of the Claret and Amber Club. Has anyone actually ever been able to use a discount voucher in the club shop or kiosks? or even seen any offers? We have been sold on benefits in the past that never materialise or a duplicated in other offers. Such as Season ticket discounts for being a member of the claret and amber club, but then the Wellevate scheme come along and the ticket is free anyway. Community coaching course discounts that need to be booked online but you cant redeem your discount voucher online for having a season ticket or claret and amber club membership. They also mentioned that function room hire is a benefit but again this a benefit of being a season ticket holder anyway. I just think that it is great to offer benefits, discounts etc to people if that's what they think motivates them but they do need to be unique benefits. I understand that not everyone is a Season ticket holder but realistically I don't see a non season ticket holder going for one of the memberships rather than getting a season ticket. Maybe a better way of doing it would be to sell the memberships as an extra on the back of season tickets. Not meaning to be negative about a very positive scheme, I just dont see the point in trying to sell it as having benefits when they don't need to.
  8. My son Cairn has been chosen to be a mascot this sunday. We are gonna win this one or it will be ballet lessons from now on. For him not me!
  9. Maybe its because the 2011/12 season hasn't started yet!
  10. Well at least this Saturday Darren Randolf can't be investigated for match fixing. Well he did go out with one of them didn't he.
  11. I ask him the very question a few months ago and he said he would prefer the media to management.
  12. VWBug

    Delete Button

    The 0-0 Tuesday night friendly against Gothenburg March 21, 2000. The worst game of football I have ever witnessed.
  13. One thing that I haven't yet seen mentioned is the future of the existing Motherwell town centre. I have always believed that the development of Ravenscraig would be the begining of a merger between Motherwell and Wishaw with the Ravenscraig incorporating the new town centre. Such a merger would mean that the area could then apply for City status if Motherwell college could become a University. If the Town centre does move then relocating to Ravenscraig would be an ideal location for the new City club. I know that there are lots of maybe's and what if's but the area is already one of the most populated areas in the country and far enough away from Glasgow to be a city in its own right. Just a thought.
  14. Aye good But surely we would expect first team fringe players to be in the reserve team, so who would be on the benches for each side? Youth players maybe.

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