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  1. if mccoist leaves rangers an ex well boss will possibly get it and that man will be billy davies
  2. bigmcd

    New Strip

    i agree with with all of you but hopefully this year will be different as from what ive heard the new sponsor is for 2 years instead of our usual 1 year pish
  3. bigmcd

    New Strip

    heard that the new strips will be revealed soon and be on sale in mid july with the away strip on sale soon after that. The new sponsor is for 2 years so we may have our strips out for 2 years this time hopefully
  4. bigmcd

    Craig Brown

    on the offical site it confirms that craig brown and archie knox have dropped the legal case against the club for unpaid bonuses about time too in my opinion
  5. have you been told personally he is leaving. He hasnt signed a contract as he is on holiday we will just need to wait and see what happens as we all know contract talks can take a while to get signed fingers crossed he stays
  6. Yes he sure did mate signed a 2 year deal yesterday
  7. But eremenko was only on loan so celtic wouldnt have to give them anything
  8. Gr8 signing for us has been said i also hated when we played st mirren as he was there main danger man and with our wingers and more pace than sutton he will be a gr8 player for us well done MFC and stuart mccall. Another few crackers like that and we will be laughing next season
  9. had a look through the list some good players on free transfers but its not about signing the player it has more to do with the wages we can offer and if the players want to come to scotland
  10. yeah Motherwell were the first team to do the bouncey until those h**s nicked it off us
  11. Just been on the hearts website and sutton is on it with his hearts strip on good luck to him but its time for another striker to join the revolving striker door
  12. night shift tonight and tomorrow night think i will stay up when i get home on saturday morning. was ok with the build up but the excitment is now kicking in cant wait for saturday
  13. Now we have a new spnsor i would imagine that the kit designs for next season must be finalised and the kits could be unvailed soon. Would hope that they sell some again without a sponsor like this season
  14. with the amount of players that have been released down in england over the last week or so i dont think we will be short of a few options to bring in. Plus its the daft time of the year where rumours come from everywhere we will just need to wait and see what the summer brings

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