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  1. Brilliant. I was buzzing for this morning but the thought of Jelavic and Naismith gives me the fear. Still quietly confident.
  2. Thompson is an idiot. The most vociferous when discussing his opposition of the move to a ten, only to completely change his opinion when it looked like it might be pushed through to a 10 team league. Now it's looking more and more unlikely again he is shouting his mouth off about how he is for the fan's and completely against any change to 10. He's an attention seeker.
  3. Why would anyone would want to bring Scotland flag (or Union jack) to a game in which a Scottish club is playing another Scottish club in Scotland? Same would be said for Celtic fans bringing Irish flags - but they're tinks so don't pay attention to them.
  4. YPOTY should be Goodwillie - nae doubt. I've never seen Maguire play that well and perhaps Murphy should have been nominated infront of him.
  5. Can't get any work done here. Buzzing for this. The more I think about it the more I think Ross should start. Initially would have had Hateley but now I'm not so sure. My team would be: Randolph Hammell Gunning Hutch Ross Murphy Lasley Jennings Humph Jeffers Sutton Take it to them and play with no fear. Gunning has looked assured and confident at the back so have no reservations about having no Craigan, especially with a bit of experience with Ross. Jeffers drops back quite a bit too looking for the ball and Sutton will win a lot in the air for Murphy and Humphrey.
  6. Celtic on the last day of the season. Let's hope we have a say in the title then. Would be good to get it up them again.
  7. Apparently we're in for Man City winger Donal McDermott on a loan deal. Left sided player who's been out on loan at MK Dons, Chesterfield and Scunthorpe.
  8. well... aye! Motherwell and most other clubs really struggle to get by. SPL clubs are skint and more games against Ross County instead of more games against Rangers and Celtic just aren't appealing. I know some people will criticise it for being shortsighted but as McLeish said its not financially viable to have more than 10 clubs right now. Teams like Motherwell are working on a season-by-season budget. We don't have the funds to take a hit for a few seasons. We need to maximum funds available every season and right now thats with a ten team league. The product will be diluted with weaker teams in the league, with TV money maybe going down, and the TV money will be split among more teams in a bigger league. Ideally I'd like a bigger league with more teams and stadiums to visit but it seems that it's just not possible for a country like Scotland.
  9. 2 things (I didn't get past about the 5th sentence though)... Why are they always called Jack and Victor? Wasny funny the first time. Why does The Sun have a new paragraph for about every single sentence.
  10. Eh? Was Hammell not the last player we actually paid money for? Something like £130,000 after we'd made about a quarter of a mil on Paterson? Unless we paid a small fee for Jennings? Hardly news is it

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