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Found 1 result

  1. It's all happening this week! time to try and raise funds to sponsor at least one player again, hopefully more if you are all on board. it'll be the 11th season of sponsored strips by the steelmenonline and its predecessor wtfc forums If you want to join in, just pledge an amount in this thread and I'll add it to the first post as we go I have pledged funds to sponsor Lionel Ainsworths clerical error means now we have new signings on behalf of contributors, so dependant on uptake we'll see who we can sponsor EDIT: so the club have offered us the Wes Fletcher and Louis Moults strips as options if we can raise the funds THE IDEA & COSTS The idea is that people contribute in multiples of £5 in order to get their name against a 'raffle ticket' for a draw. Each £5 contribution will get a name on a ticket & place in the draw The winners of the draw will receive the sponsors privileges ( sponsored top & opportunity to receive it at an end of season event) So, if you donate £5, you will get one chance at winning the strip/s, whereas a £20 donation will get you four chances and so on....... It's basically whatever you can afford, but £5 is the minimum pledge. not everyone can sponsor a player as an individual, but doing it like this we can help support club and every fiver contributed goes direct into the club in full and has a chance of winning a players strip It costs, up to £350 to sponsor players kit parts, couple of years back when the club were pushing steelmenforever we managed to reach £700 to sponsor two euro tops @£350 each which was pretty decent, last season we topped that with three strips sponsored and £865 into the club so hopefully as a group we can get some money together again and help out PAYMENT options: Send PayPal payment to: iainmande 'at' hotmail.com , PayPal takes a cut but if the contribution is marked as a GIFT payment or you select Pay a friend or Family and opt to cover the charge if you have any, then I should receive the full £5 increments and you as the sender covers the charge. EDIT: just noticed yabbas new improved site had protected the email address, ive amended post, hopefully people understand the at hotmail . com is all one string with an @ symbol EDIT again!: seems paypal have change sen gift to pay a friend or family, cheers RDuke for pointing this out Please remember to include your board name or contact details in the PayPal payment so I can mark it off, and also that it's for sponsorship and remember its a Pay a friend or gift payment message me with a PM or post here, if you require postal details to send a cheque or if you'd rather meet up and pay cash. 2015-2016 pledges (paid in bold) Andy_P £10 linsey12 £5 siebsbarmyarmy £20 Big Wispy Flossy £20 eddiemunster £10 Joe Wark Legend £10 coolhandluc £10 cambo97 £10 toxtethogrady £10 Kmcalpin £20 Delboy £20 andalg £10 purestate £10 GhostofSteveD £15 steelmen1991 £50 DennyC £20 Ecky £25 £275 contributed, £275 paid to club - Louis Moults away top target further £295 to pay for Wes Fletchers home top scoojy £10 Mad Dog Raoul_Duke £10 RossMFC1 £5 IanC £10 Weeyin £15 NottsMFC £20 Dezz £10 Yabbas turd £20 linsey12 £10 Daver £30 superward £20 delboy £10 Wee_kaz £10 Siebsbarmyarmy £10 Brazilian £125

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