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Time For A Change?

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I've seen a few posts talking about the quality of our defence, but it's worth remembering that we're missing two of our first choice defenders in Hutchinson & Saunders. A club of our size is always going to find it difficult to cope with that kind of loss in one area of the field.



Yes but that really only accounts for one starting 11 player. Rarely have we seen Saunders and Hutchison starting the game together. If both were fit just now Craigan would still start and McCall I am sure would continue with Hateley at RB. So really we are only missing Hutchison from the first 11.


I can understand the point about the young players getting a chance and it was what made JG's short tenure so exciting but it is a brave manager (or mavrick) that bloods young players in theSPL.


If we had a patient support it may be possible but look at the pressure the likes of Forbes, Fitzpatrick and even at times Murphy have bn put under by our fans. Unfortunately a manager has to protect young players from that kind of pressure.


What I don't understand however is why McCall has tied up money on players he does not have the confidence to play. I suspect that the Board and the Manager are not singing off the same hymn sheet in this respect. The Board want us to have a philosophy of bringing through young players but for whatever reason the manager does not have the confidence to do it.

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