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BBC alba Fri 18 jan

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26 minutes ago, robsterwood said:

Why was rotund AB part of this? Hes done nothin? Good to see heroes though.

Got a wee hidden agenda there pal? 

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1 minute ago, robsterwood said:

Just cant take to him. Remind me of James Corden thats all.

So because he reminds you of someone you don't like he's not qualified to do a job? 

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Just had a chance to sit down and watch it this evening, I'll admit to having a wee tear in my eye on a couple of occasions ( and a big tear at the Cooper, O'Donnell, Dolan and McGrillen section), interesting watch and brought back some great memories. A shame there was no contribution from Maxwell, Paterson, Arnott and, of course, McLean, plus an interview with big Softie would have been quite enlightening.


That plus I know the Celtic fan with the tattooed arse, can't wait till I see him again to wind him up. :ph34r:

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