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Football kit charity collection

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I recently had an idea to travel to Zambia next year and take unwanted Football equipment to give to the local communities. The idea has really taken off and I have collected around 30 full suitcases of used strips, boots, goalie gloves and balls.

I would love to collect as many unwanted Motherwell strips/ tshirts as possible and donate them to one village and have a claret and amber village the photo alone would be amazing.

I have a full set of 1992 Hummel away kits to take out with me.

There was a story in the Hibs programme re my charity and was also on MFC Podcast.

The MFC podcast has been a great help and together we may do a kit drive in the cooper bar at a home game to do a collection and possibly raffle a matchworn 1972 well top framed and signed by Willie Pettigrew.

I cant upload any pictures but have a look on my Facebook for pictures and updates 


The MFC podcast has also offered my Charity Pepe's Zambia Football Foundation be named shirt sponser for Jermain Hyltons away top which is great. We are still a bit short on getting to the total needed so for £5 you can still enter the draw, if you win the draw you get one of Hylton or Seedorf away shirt and a place at the player of year dance. After the last few weeks they are probably the best shirts to win. I'm sure Andy will post a link for you to follow.

Please get in touch if you want to donate any strips I'm happy to collect, I will update on this thread when I plan to do a kit collection there may also be a drop off in the club shop in near future. 


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