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    No losses for the home side in each of the last four encounters between the sides. Make it five!
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    Just got round to having a listen to this last night. Top effort again guys. I'll not hide the fact that I was one of the folks on here to greet Burrows promotion with a sense of real trepidation, but he has proven that lingering doubt completely unfounded and I believe he is an absolute breath of fresh air both at our club and in Scottish Football in general. His passion and pride are infectious anytime you hear him speak. Personally, I can't see him leaving Fir Park unless it's for a massive club or indeed a more prominent role at the SFA/SPFL. Imagine his positivity, level of engagement and honesty within the corridors of power at Hampden.
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    Interesting little statistic in tonight's games was that 5 of Albania's starters play in Serie A. Changed days from when they all used to play for Tirana and spy for the Soviet Union.
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