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    On current form, wherever the fuck he likes
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    An web article on the playing career of Hughie Ferguson , 284 league goals in 288? games for Motherwell FC. http://readtheleague.com/the-big-feature/from-history-to-tragedy Must have been quite the player to watch , such a tragic end.
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    https://www.mfc1886.com/mfc-podcast-2018-19-episode-18/ Sparra is joined by Daniel Gray and Gordon Reid for a special episode of the MFC Podcast. As well as reflecting on the Irn Bru Cup clash with Ross County and previewing the Scottish Premiership fixture against Aberdeen there was plenty discussion around Daniel’s brilliant new book ‘Black Boots & Football Pinks’. Matters discussed include modern football stadia, programmes and the culinary habits of Scottish football fans.
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