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    Our last 4 games have just reinforced the fact that we're one of the better bottom 6 teams, but not good enough to be top 6.
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    Doesn't matter who it was to. That word went out with the dark ages. Just remember you have one of the biggest disabled supporters clubs in Scotland and that word is extremely offensive to them.
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    The moron who threw the lighter should be identified and banned. He gave the media all they needed to deflect from the horrible support in the South Stand. Is one horrible individual throwing a lighter any worse than 5000 Sevco supporters singing sectarian songs. I know what I think but I also know which club will be pilloried in the media.
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    I’m not getting the Main hate. I appreciate he isn’t scoring goals however he is instrumental to how we are performing at the moment. His link up play is improving every week and his flick for Frears goal was class. A lone striker in this role has to be more than just a goal scorer and I certainly think that he is proving to be an excellent foil for our wide players and drags defenders all over the place to create space for the rest of the team. Seems he is the whipping boy for the perennially unhappy amongst us now.
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    So they "had it coming"? It's one thing giving the ref and players a bit of verbals at a game - it can be part of the fun (it is supposed to be fun remember?) - but there is zero justification for throwing objects at the players, or even onto the pitch. And trying to claim a player somehow contributes to it by stealing a few yards at a throw-in is ridiculous. If you get so upset by the pantomime villains at a Motherwell match that you need to throw things at them, maybe football isn't for you.
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    Basic defensive errors cost us and good players/strikers punish you at this level. Also that’s now 43 league loses to Rangers and counting which is not a record to be proud of. Another disappointment is the inevitable fine we will receive for the lighter that was thrown by some idiot in the crowd. This is money that we can ill afford to pay and I hope the individual who did it is caught and punished for their actions.
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    That's right. And when they go bust, they go out of existence and cease trading. Hence the old Rangers no long exists.
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    If he plays for Blackburn there is a greater chance of being called up to Scotland squad which he can then pull out of
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    Well, I reckon the club should’ve known how good he was when they signed him. Why didn’t they see it !!??!! They should’ve offered a 3 year deal and a loyalty card at tinto tapas ...... how could they have got this so wrong !!??!! I think he would’ve definitely signed for longer in the summer on the offer of the loyalty card.
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    To....myself? . Don't worry, I apologised to me, and I accepted. I shook hands and both of me have moved on.
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    St Johnstone came to sit in and try and nick something, and if Kane wasn’t shite they might have. However, we persevered and found a way through their banks of five. Says a lot that they were parking the bus, we weren’t firing on all cylinders, but we still strolled it 3-0. I think some folk are failing to grasp how big a deal that is, with all the talk of changes that need to be made. 13 of the 14 players on the park for us today are responsible for the crazy run we’ve been on since the cup game, they all deserve credit. Main was instrumental in two of the goals today, and his hold up play was really good in the second half. I liked how we stuck to our plan and didn’t resort to punting it into the box, which lead to three really well worked goals. The counter attack for Frears almost second was clinical. Dunne strolled the game, and Aldred was Aldred, their partnership allows us to do everything else.
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    If he is on 14k a week then I am delighted. What that means is that if they can pay that to a player that is no more than a good prospect then it will not be long until they are bankrupt again and we will be rid once again of this despicable football club.
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    Weeyin, you are being deliberately obtuse! The point was an acceptable offer PRIOR to his first team exposure ie last year! As I myself have pointed out, an offer of an additional year and an extra £200 a week made last summer, with the promise of a new contract offer should he meet his targets would have been snapped up by Hastie and would have protected our investment, all for an additional sum of £10k! But we decided to spunk probably 5 times that sum on Connor fucking Sammon instead!
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    A concept even a 14 year old should grasp.
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    "Best chance ever" "Let's get in about them" "Nothing to fear" etc. etc. (taken from the script for the past 20 years)
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    Re lighter. If ref does his job and insist the throw in is taking from correct place, then the incident probably does not happen. Rangers have done nothing and weve gifted them two goals.
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    I’m now old enough to forget the last time it happened
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    Can we not just count the play-off games as 'league' games? 2 wins right there.
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    I'm not sure why people keep talking about a meaningless end to the season when we're currently sitting 8th, one point behind St Johnstone, and two ahead of Livi in 9th. The difference between finishing 7th and 9th is £120,000, which is a fair chunk of change for a club our size. That's what should be driving us until the last game of the season.
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    I would favour a move to the MLS much more than any championship team I reckon, purely from a lifestyle point of view. some of these cities look proper grim places to live, regardless of how much money you have.
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    Half of our starting outfield players were 17-year -olds who only turned full-time last summer (one of them only a couple of months ago) and haven’t even played a lot of Reserves games,. They have great ability and potential, but the fact that Hearts were more experienced at First Team level, more physically strong, more cynical and more streetwise right through their side than those five made a massive difference. Those boys will do great in time but it would be unfair to them and the rest of the team to judge them under those circumstances.
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    We are now 23 points clear of play off position with 7 games to go. We are safe!!!!! Sorry glass always half empty.
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    Weird one. Great result but the match was howlin' and our overall performance was pretty poor. Substitutes changed the game by actually giving us some width and it was a nice finish by Frear. Pretty much everything before that though was bad. The full backs had their worst games for ages and the wingers just didn't get in the match at all. Main as usual worked away, held the ball up but showed little striking ability and was a blunt knife. As a result it was looking a 0-0 all day or even a 0-1 with St. Johnstone nicking it. Shout out to Mark Gillespie who's probably saved the match for us with another penalty save.
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    Yes it demonstrates the subtle importance of amber over the more commonly used yellow. I’m always dismayed when clubs play fast and loose with their branding and signature colours. We chose our colours for a good reason and we should never ever take them for granted. Clubs are more conscious of branding these days and Motherwell have made great strides in this department in recent years. On this forum I’ve campaigned on several MFC branding and kit issues and it’s heartening to see a few of them have been taken on board. The introduction of the original MFC monogram rather than the bog standard script font on kits/training wear was a huge step forward. I was boring myself with the amount of times I mentioned/campaigned for it on here. They got so bored with my whining that they ask me to draw it for them. Modern takes on classic kits is another thing I have pushed for and it’s been heartening to see a few modern retro inspired offerings like the 70s sash kit or our original blue top combined with C&A. The 125 retro anniversary was another milestone that recognised our 1960s signature top. So I’ve been quietly happy with the way our kits have been going recently, however, I just wish we could afford to ditch the Betting Dot Com sponsor as it ruins the kit. Or perhaps agree with the sponsor to allow us to sell a non sponsored version along side it.
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