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    Someone get these two scamps a knife and fork, eh?
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    Faddy and co ripping England apart here.
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    mind ,,,,,, no salt , sauce , or a drink as was previously discussed
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    If fans are misbehaving "we" get to ban them from our ground. As fans, we also get to point them out to stewards if they cross the line (like the coin throwers and racist abusers at Tynecastle). But if you are OK with that behaviour, you can keep sitting on your hands.
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    You're assuming that he's playing as a striker and not a defensive left wingback.
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    Just the thought of Moult/McCormack is Vinegar Stroke Inducing! lol
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    canny wait to see how he reacts to having the ball launched at him at face height from the edge of our own box :-)
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    Its a pointless signing if were gonna keep firing 60 yard punts at the Strikers faces, so I hope it comes with a change of gameplan. But ......... what an exciting signing. This is a guy that was signed for £12m two seasons ago and has a great scoring record. Yes he may not be at the peak of his powers, but even now he should have enough class to run the show in most games up here. Great work! On a side note, I see young Alfredo Agyeman has left after his contract expired? From what Id seen and heard he was highly rated and a fair prospect. Wonder what has happened there?
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    He's been playing rubbish anyway.
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    Has Stephen Hawking joined us to help find our way to the goal?
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