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    I see Gordon Banks has died. Does anyone still remember the display he put on at Fir Park in the original Texaco Cup? Is anyone still alive from then? It was an amazing display even though Motherwell won 1-0 with a bit flooky Johnnie Goldthorpe goal. He didn't play in the second leg which went to penalties and our own Keith Macrae turned into the hero. Two fantastic matches!
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    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but personally I'm never sure it's such a good idea to try to do these sorts of things during a game. Of course in a perfect world there's no reason not to, and there's never any excuse for that kind of behaviour. But unfortunately most supports probably do have an element that's capable of behaving like that, and you just can't predict what might happen on the pitch to rile them, or even just distract our own fans, before or during whatever was planned.
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    The more times I see that winning goal the more I'm reminded of Shane Warne's dismissal of Mike Gatting with "the ball of the century" at Old Trafford. The expression of disbelief on Gatting's face looked strangely familiar too.
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    I think Main deserves lots of credit for his graft. He isn't banging in the goals but he chases every ball and gives centre backs a nightmare. Only an online clearance denied him a goal today.
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    I was there but can't remember many details. I think Mike Pejic was at LB for Stoke and Jimmy Greenhoff in midfield. Older readers may also remember Bobby Moore playing at FP for Fulham and of course a star-studded Spurs team whacked 3-1 by the Good Guys. Favourite quotation from Martin Peters: "Motherwell were all muck and nettles." I believe this is an expression denoting impoverished proletarianism. It made our victory all the sweeter. As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon!"
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    I was at the game at Fir Park and he was superb. However, from a Motherwell perspective we shouldn’t forget that a certain Keith MacRae won the game for us in the away leg penalty shoot out. I’m sure Banks was looking on in awe of the young mans two penalty saves.
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