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    Makes a nice change from people spelling Livingstone wrong, though!
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    Right, the penultimate game of the season, and for me it's one of our most important of the season. We're one point behind St Johnstone with two games to go, so a win here would mean that where we finish this season is entirely in our own hands. By the same token Livingston are playing Dundee at home, and a win for them could bring them to within a point of us, so if we lose at the weekend we could potentially be playing Livi on the last day of the season trying to avoid finishing 9th. Apart from the fact that finishing 9th would be a piss-poor finish for a club who were challenging for the top six until the death, it would mean a financial difference of £120,000. I know a lot of fans say they don't give a fuck about the money, and reckon these games are meaningless, but as a club who regularly have punters outside the ground with buckets for Well Society fund collections we're simply not in the position to dismiss the £60,000 of a difference between finishing 7th and 8th, never mind the additional 60 grand drop in finishing 9th. As an example, £120,000 is the equivalent of over £2,000 a week over a year. That's a couple of wages, or some extra dough to extend contracts or whatever. We need that fucking money. The players had better be up for this game. Anything less is unacceptable in my opinion.
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    It's not so much that I enjoy the weekend more when we win, but I'm a right miserable c**t when we lose.
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    Not single handedly - but every penny literally counts (counts double, in fact, at this point).
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    Aye for sure, the money would be nice and there is no doubt 120k is a fair wedge. I just honestly can't see us losing our last two games, that would be a helluva collapse. 8th is a possibility but 9th seems a bit of a stretch to me. I totally agree this chunk of money should be good motivation from the club's perspective to put importance on this fixture. I'm not sure it gives the players any motivation though.. Personally as a fan, I honestly couldn't give a fuck about 7th. Aye I want us to win obviously but I find it hard to get emotionally invested in money which we aren't going to see any real tangible benefit from. I would be shocked if we even used the 120k to invest in another few players for the summer. From what I understand our budget is set out a while back, maybe it will give us a wee bit of flexibility but that's about it. The whole battle for 7th is a bit tinpot lets not kid ourselves. From a fan perspective at this stage of the season my main interest is the young players coming through and what our plans are for next season.
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    Real Motherwell retro kit
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