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    You can't add them on...If he'd scored the sitter, then every single thing that came after it would have been different. The 2nd chance wouldn't even have happened.
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    I don't want any of our players to play for Scotland, because Scotland are utter dugmeat and when we're trying to improve the Motherwell side i'd prefer it if our players weren't semi-regularly put on a massive downer by getting pumped by 90% of the countries on earth.
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    On Shankland, I can understand folk thinking he deserves a pop at the top league again but like has been said, he's up against dug shite down there. Shouts about Scotland call up and such are fucking wild.
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    I had to make do with watching BBC Alba yesterday. As far as the Donnelly incident goes, I've watched it on several packages but still can't make my mind up about it, as its not clear. Our players weren't at all happy at the ref and surely if it was clear cut decision they wouldn't have reacted in the way that they did. The ref didn't see it and the nearest official was over 40 yards away. The tackle on Seedorf? Having seen it on the SPFL highlights package I agree with Fizoxy as its a matter for the Compliance Officer. High and deliberate its a straight red. We'll see though. A typical St Johnstone game where they outfought us, tried to nullify us, gained a nothing penalty, and we had a man sent off. How predictable. This time though we ground out a result and won ugly. St Johnstone, had the bulk of the pressure, probably deserved to win but lacked a killer touch up front. I thought our midfield were outfought (not surprisingly) and the two full backs struggled. We gave Saints far too much room in and around our box and looked disorganised at times, but fortunately they just couldn't score. Apart from a few efforts ie Cole's miss, we didn't really play an effective counterattacking game and were hustled, harried and knocked off our stride, as usual in Perth. Hartley and Tait look way off the pace. Plenty of positives though. We did win ugly and gain the 3 points. Thats good to know we can grind out results. Gillespie had a great game, thank goodness, and Gallagher my MOTM, was a colossus (Casagolda's term on P & B). He provided the assist for Cole. He wins virtually everything in the air and is a real threat at set pieces. Polworth too looked good. I'm always happy when we beat St Johnstone as they really are an annoying team just now. I don't like their cynical play acting.
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    Wasnt a great performance yesterday. Lots of misplaced passes first half and everything was just a bit slow and predictible. Was good that we managed to get a goal and were able to tough it out, but we really need to be showing better quality than that if we have true top 6 aspirations. I thought the referee was terribly incosistent across the piece. The entire St Johnstone midfield were guilty of repeated fouling, yet they got away with it whilst some of our indisgressions were immediately punished. Davidson clearly dives for the penalty which is quite embarassing for both him and the referee. At least justice was done with a great save from Gillespie. Re the red card. Its never a stamp as some on here are claiming. However, Donnelly does throw an elbow out and throw Kane to the ground so, although the ref has got it wrong, Donnelly cant have any complaints. One area of concern for me is how much Richard Tait appears to have regressed this season. He looks half a yard slower and his form has dipped terribly. Hope its not a permanent decline.
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    According to transfermarkt, while playing for Motherwell in all competitions, Carson has faced ten penalties and saved none of them, while Gillespie has saved four out of eleven. That's a reasonably impressive 36%. On a cautionary note, however, Craig Samson saved two out of five, a 40% success rate. Lies, damned lies, and statistics...
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    Completely agree, he smashes the guy to the ground with his forearm and then proceeds to jump on him studs first in the back. Anyone who thinks that isn't a red card is severely deluded.
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    It's a 100% red card. Even Robinson isn't moaning about just claiming it was accidental as in he accidentally forearm smashed him then accidentally stamped on him.
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    The quality of refereeing was fucking woeful. One of the worst displays I’ve ever seen
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