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    That felt like The Office (UK) vs The Office (US)
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    It's great to hear that Tom Boyd panders to us when there are no Celtic fans around to hear him.
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    I also attended the Former Players night last Friday and heard Tom Boyd speak highly of the Club and the opportunity it gave him. He captained the side that gave myself and many people on here one of our most memorable occasions and for that he and the entire team (softy too) will always be held in high regard. He would get my vote along with the entire team.
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    For me Aberdeen have enough about them for us to ensure we aren't going in over-confident but they are certainly a team that gives me huge satisfaction dishing out a bloody nose to.
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    This has a feel of the Ross County game about it. A game we think we should be winning and coming into in good form, and we somehow manage to conspire against ourselves to lose it. Im usually an optimist, but we are going to need to play to our best to get anything out of this. Hopefully thats what happens and we are not bemoaning another missed opportunity.
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    Great book - and the man was also a bit of a character himself.
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