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    Did he sit with the rest of the squad on the plane or was he kinda near them but with his bird and wearing civvies?
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    He’s flying out to replace Seedorf 2/3rds through the camp. :p
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    Since Columbian cultural gestures seems to be some sort of defence the lad should claim it was cultural celebration of the Motherwell Bovril Two Heritage
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    I don’t normally talk shop on here, but what we have is what’s called in the industry “a shite website”
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    Yep agree totally, getting fed up with these daft incidents. If one of our players had anything thrown at them we would be wanting the offender dealt with. Come on folks let's cut out this nonsense and concentrate on backing the team...COYW
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51056021 Quite right, no place for it and only serves to make us look daft.
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    Try clearing your cache perhaps. After I did originsll that it's generally fine. The odd white page but refreshing usually gets rid. Using chrome on a Samsung S8.
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    Thought strikes me that they both might have ended up at that level despite early promise. So you then wonder if they made the right decision because they've 'found their level' and having the career they were destined to have but have struck it lucky by getting a relatively lucrative contract early in their career. Sensible decision by both of them? Or are we saying that by staying at Fir Park they would automatically have improved and be better players..? Just a question...
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