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    Carroll or Donnelly, Carroll or Donnelly, nothing else, keep it simple
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    Yes but Only If we don't
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    I don’t watch or acknowledge midweek games against Aberdeen.
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    Not particularly but he had a physicality our forwards don't have. None of our forwards seem to like playing with their back to goal.
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    I saw Jamie Reid of Torquay score his 17th league goal of the season on Saturday. Strong physical forward and excellent at holding up the ball and bringing players into the game. 25 years old and capped by Northern Ireland at Under 21 level. His recent goal record has probably put him on loads of teams radars.
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    I can almost guarantee he will walk away being found not guilty,the polis have been on a mad purge for years to show a stance with things on domestic violence,his lawyers will run rings round the fiscal.
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    Omar Daley or Dom Thomas to name two off the top of my head having thought about it for 8 seconds. Frear in nightmare XI is a horrific shout!
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    Would be good to see how he'd fare against Championship opposition.....
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