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    I think as Dave (kmcalpin) has already alluded to I think people are well aware of the situation we find ourselves in and I would be surprised if many, indeed any, have renewed oblivious to what might transpire over the coming months; or feeling they have been in any way deceived. Motherwell providing the option to supporter to buy season tickets, having gone to the trouble of explicitly stating that people should buy if they can afford it, is no more dishonest than a holiday company continuing to offer holidays for autumn/winter knowing they might pushed back. Or a clothing retailer sending you emails punting their summer holiday range. The option is there and it is up the individual to decide what they want to do with those options. And whilst I accept it isn't an apples to apples comparison let's not forget that many people buy every year without knowing what our fixtures are going to be (as they generally out later in June), when the games will be played, what games will then be subject to movement again for television. In 2015 we actually put our season tickets on sale before we even knew what division we would be playing in the following season! Some will buy knowing they won't make all the fixtures but want to ensure they've a seat next to family and friends when they do go. I know of one or two who will barely attend any games but still want to make a contribution to their club. In short, there are all sorts of variables that come in to play every year when people buy tickets and people have different reasons for doing so. As it happens I haven't actually renewed myself as yet as there's a little bit of uncertainty over the good lady's working pattern so I'm also seeing how things stand. All being I'll get it sorted before the Early Bird expires. I think it is absolutely right that someone only renews if the circumstances are right for them but calling it dishonest and morally wrong for giving people the option? Nah, not for me.
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    I've said it before no one should be selling season tickets when it's not even clear if fans can attend games or even when the season will kick off or what the competition format will be.
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    As previously stated, I've bought mine and the kids, I don't pay into Well society so this is my way to support my club. Personal choice, so if you want to do, if not don't, simples.
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    The club is not being dishonest at all. It has clearly stated that there is uncertainty. Apart from that virtually everyone connected with football is well aware of the situation. As long as the uncertainty is made clear then it’s entirely up to fans whether they want to buy a season ticket or not. Does anyone on this forum think they have been deceived by MFC?
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    Then don't buy one. There's no downside to waiting.
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    It will easier for them to pocket some extra cash to add to their dodgy mega-sponsorship deals from companies nobody has ever heard of while moving funds between illegitimate bank accounts and pretending it was stolen? Allegedly.
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    I didn't think it was as bad as I feared knowing what those programmes are all about and Stu92's forewarning. They can't be too far off being left with only cleaners and ticket office workers left to interview from Ferry's time at Parkhead. I've always quite enjoyed Ferry's one-on-one interviews but the shows with Slane and Kyle began to grate pretty quickly. But without necessarily going into great detail there's a fair bit beyond the transfer - Tony Watt, Stephen Robinson, chat about his progression through the youths and so on. I can't say I really picked up any change of pitch when Turnbull was talking about the transfer, but to be honest I don't notice any change of pitch when he's excited either. He does, as he has suggested in a couple of interviews, come across to me as quite chilled and easy oasy about everything good or bad. If there's any criticism to be levelled about the frequency of discussions of the breakdown of his transfer then perhaps some of that should be directed to Motherwell for the production documentary, which whilst I thought it was excellent, is in no small part a sales tool. Keeping The Ball on the Ground is a discussion by Old Firm-centric people for a largely Old Firm-centric audience and I think that has to be kept in mind.
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    Pearson demanded, publically a transfer. DT didn't. DT is not talking about it, he's being asked about it.
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    I'm getting fed up with it as well...the stick Pearson got back in the day for wearing a Celtic strip the day before he signed was pretty venomous, yet DT does the same thing, without the actual signing bit, and is still talking about it months later and gets absolutely no flack over it?
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    Found the Celtic transfer chat a bit hard to listen to tbh.
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    I won't be but there is a cynicism and dishonesty in offering them for sale to people when there is the current uncertainty over whether fans can even attend matches. Are Motherwell making people aware that there is a possibility fans could pay for a season ticket and never see a game? The season ticket web page doesn't even acknowledge that fans paid for a full season last time and doesn't offer any kind of discount to previous season ticket holders. Instead they offer free entry to a match in two competitions that might not even happen. Don't sell me something when you have no idea if you can deliver or not. Would you buy a TV, sofa or anything else when you had no idea if the seller could actually supply it? I have been very, very loyal to Motherwell for a long, long time. I am going through, like many people, a very difficult time financially right now and for the foreseeable future. A little bit of honesty and respect from the club would be nice given the circumstances.
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