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    I didn't think it was as bad as I feared knowing what those programmes are all about and Stu92's forewarning. They can't be too far off being left with only cleaners and ticket office workers left to interview from Ferry's time at Parkhead. I've always quite enjoyed Ferry's one-on-one interviews but the shows with Slane and Kyle began to grate pretty quickly. But without necessarily going into great detail there's a fair bit beyond the transfer - Tony Watt, Stephen Robinson, chat about his progression through the youths and so on. I can't say I really picked up any change of pitch when Turnbull was talking about the transfer, but to be honest I don't notice any change of pitch when he's excited either. He does, as he has suggested in a couple of interviews, come across to me as quite chilled and easy oasy about everything good or bad. If there's any criticism to be levelled about the frequency of discussions of the breakdown of his transfer then perhaps some of that should be directed to Motherwell for the production documentary, which whilst I thought it was excellent, is in no small part a sales tool. Keeping The Ball on the Ground is a discussion by Old Firm-centric people for a largely Old Firm-centric audience and I think that has to be kept in mind.
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    Pearson demanded, publically a transfer. DT didn't. DT is not talking about it, he's being asked about it.
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    I'm getting fed up with it as well...the stick Pearson got back in the day for wearing a Celtic strip the day before he signed was pretty venomous, yet DT does the same thing, without the actual signing bit, and is still talking about it months later and gets absolutely no flack over it?
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    Found the Celtic transfer chat a bit hard to listen to tbh.

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