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    I’m going for a 9/10 for Robbo. He came in at a difficult time and stabilised us when relegation looked likely. Two cup finals and if I remember right a top six . Then eighth place followed by this seasons third . All done by getting in players who lost there way and mixing it with players from youth . All done on a shoestring budget unlike McGhee or McCall had under Leanne Dempsters reign . Has he made mistakes . Of course but he admits it and rectified it by changing it . Probably not got the same charisma as McGhee or McCall but who cares about that . Really hope he stays for the Europa competition . Think if he gets a chance he could do ok as apparently highly rated technically . For any body out there who doesn’t rate him fair enough . Everyone is entitled to there opinion but all I would say is be careful what you wish for . Been going to FP for over 50 years now since Boddy Howitt was manager and have seen them all come and go . Many of them high profile and legends in there own heads . Robbo brings stability structure and technical knowledge as well as honesty so he’ll do for me . Would love him to be manager for foreseeable future .
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    Think you'll find club coaching staff have a very different opinion. No official statement - those affected know and then there is those who also know.
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    I remember speaking to McMannus not long after he left us to take up his position at Celtic, he was saying much the same and singing Robbo's praises. At that time it was just after the half season of pish before he discovered playing the boys actually worked. I thought big Mic was off his head but Robbo certainly turned things around. I would give him a 7 out of 10 rating, but i do think and hope we can see even more from him.
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    An easy 8/10 for me. We are likely to lose him to a bigger club at some stage in my view.

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