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    With no reserve league, getting our youngsters proper competitive and consistent game time seems like a good option.
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    Seeing fans in the grounds in Germany, Holland and France should have the SPFL demanding a better deal from the Scottish Government. Not having test events in August when we had very little virus was utter idiocy. The Scottish Government need start behaving like a real government and working on getting us back to normality rather than Sturgeon threatening to greet if everyone doesn't act like Covid is the plague.
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    Motherwell. Official supplier of Second String EPL Goalies.
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    Steve Bruce reckons Gillespie was the motm last night, he seems to have settled well https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/09/16/our-best-player-bruce-names-newcastle-man-of-the-match-it-isnt-fraser/
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    Fair enough. I'll wait till the facts come out from credible sources before deciding.
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    Well, every other vaccine has taken years to create. Be it for flu, polio, whatever. I'm no expert, but usually with something like a vaccine you're talking anything from four to six years of academic and in-lab research. Then there's three to five years of trials, including closely-monitored small-numbers human trials, then it usually takes a few years to gain regulatory approval after the process of independent scrutiny and investigation. I know "technology" and all that, but if a vaccine hits shelves within a year or so of this virus becoming "a thing" I'd have to believe that some of the above-mentioned steps have been overlooked in favour of being first to provide the world with the answer. This is like a pharmaceutical space-race of sorts. And it seems America is doing all it can to be first yet again, no matter what it takes. So yeah, I'll be giving it a wide berth. I'd rather take my chances with a virus like Covid than run the risk of being part of a live testing phase for some quickly put-together answer to the pandemic.
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    Is he good enough for a chance? Or does he need first team experience at a lower level first?
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    He is OOC at the end of the season and isnt fancied at all by Robbo as he clearly hasnt got the required background in the English National League North Division 3! This is an extended job interview for him. Hopefully it pays off and he gets a decent move in the summer
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    The difference with these countries is that their Test and Trace WORKS
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    Its absolutely crazy to think we never got a penny in transfer fees for either keeper!
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