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    Biggest chance by a mile was that Odense game at Fir Park. 92nd minute away goal in the previous game, needing a 1-0 win and if I remember correctly we weren't short on chances at Fir Park yet found ourselves 3-1 down at half time. Penalty and down to 9 men at 85 minutes with us needing 2 to stay in the tie. I'd have loved to have seen how those last few minutes panned out if we'd scored.
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    Their entire game is on youtube. Had a very brief skim through and they don't look better than us. They also look like a small side, Polworth's set pieces will need to be on point.
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    Oh great, they like to lump it into the box and feed off the knock downs. We looked really comfortable with that last week. Also, I'm sure I heard the commentator mention Janet Street Porter at one point. Not sure who she was playing for though.
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    We haven't played anywhere near as many as them though - so the record could well be broken at some point. Of all the Scottish teams outwith OF - our ten year coefficient is better than all bar Aberdeen. That's respectable if you ask me. I suspect this may well be the end of the line - but I'd be feeling significantly more confident had it been a home tie, rather than necessarily the opposition themselves.
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    We're never gonna have a better chance of getting to the group stages . the two legged ties naturally favoured the stronger teams . Anything less than playing at our best and we'll be out but the players have got to give it a go . Knowing our luck , we'll somehow stumble through to the group stages , get a cracking group with glamour teams and be fecked by covid into sitting in the house unable to attend games we dreamed of
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    I've also just seen the highlights from their last round. Looks like our mutual loathing of the defensive game is clear to see! Embdy's game! haha!
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    Fuck it - go out there and give it our best shot. We're a fit team with decent legs, no denying that. They aren't world beaters, but are a good outfit nonetheless - and not playing in their own ground will remove some small element of advantage? Can we dae it? Aye. Do we need the rub of the green? Yup. Will we? Unlikely - but I have everything crossed!
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    From the official site... "Information on how to watch the match in the third qualifying round will be available shortly."
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    If we get pumped by this mob in the heat, is Robbo getting punted again? *asking for a friend
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    Possibly could be taking results from a different season into account. I hear that's all the rage when you're trying to paint a picture.
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    He has played over 100 games under Robinson, so we probably should give the manager some credit for his development. His attitude and work rate are top notch, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get to the highest level in England or abroad at some point. Lack of height and pace are probably the reasons he hasn't moved on yet, but he's going to have a pretty good career one way or the other.
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