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    .... looking in the wrong place? Not looking hard enough? There's 14 pages worth on information from today's announcement alone. Evidence on Infection Trends from Announcement earlier today
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    Heard he can play anywhere across the front 3 as well
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    I’m a season ticket holder and every year I renew it I look at it as a donation to the club. I don’t attend any of the old firm games as I can’t be doing with the pish that either of them spout usually miss 5 or 6 other games so I only get roughly 50% of the games that I am entitled too. If we don’t get into any of the games this year I will not be looking for refund or discount on next year’s ticket. My choice and I’m sure others will do likewise
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    Explanation is given daily. If you don't already, you should watch one or two of the live briefings. Many others on this thread have summarised much better than I could. Being outside does not mean you are free from risk, nor does it mean you are free from bringing risk to others. Going to watch live football is a hobby, there are other industries much worse hit than football that also contribute more to the economy. Without meaning to sound like a dick, and this isn't directed at you specifically but more to the broader section of population that "just don't get it", but if you still haven't seen the bigger picture and understood the risk/reward decisions that need to be made by every single government in the world on a daily basis then I don't think you ever will.
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    But how come you can do this and that but not go to the football...blah...blah...blah. It's called risk management. Football has TV revenue and other revenues that allows it to operate. Pubs, cinemas and shops don't and won't exist if they don't open. So what you going to do? The government has to make very difficult choices right now. It knows people going to the pub will catch Covid but it has to weight that against the entire hospitality industry collapsing. It knows people will catch Covid from school kids but it has to weight that against the effect of suspending education and of school closures. It knows university students will catch Covid but again it has to weight up the possibilities of universities going bust. Has it always made the right decisions? Probably not but this is an unprecedented situation and maybe alternative decisions produce other or even more serious problems. Opening up football stadiums right now simply doesn't add up in terms of risk and if football thinks it's being hard done by it needs to take a look at other sectors of the economy. This season was always going to be a write off for fans. Honestly I'm kind sick of people in football moaning about it. Everyone knows that this winter is potentially the worst the virus is going to get, so buckle in cos this thing could well get worse. What the football authorities should be concentrating on is getting this season completed, no getting fans into stadiums.
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    I'm honestly amazed at how many folk are struggling with this...'I can sit on the bus to go an get my messages' so 'how can I not sit on a bus to a midweek cup game in Dundee'
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    3:28 - can't wait to see him try that in front of the East Stand!
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    I think Stevenson and Ferrier will be beyond just about anyone's recall now but if Arsenal offered Sailor Hunter a blank cheque for the two of them, as the story goes, they must have been phenomenal.
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    UK has 42,445 total deaths and 14,542 new cases yesterday from a population of 67 million. Germany has 9,635 total deaths and 2,462 new cases yesterday from a population of 84 million. Yes, it's different in different countries.
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    Why do you think things are so different in Scotland than in France, Germany, England or Holland? The Scottish Government have already shown with that they believe football fans are second class citizens with their OBFA.
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    You know fine well all teams in the league get money on a sliding scale, you don't have to win League One. And that on top of that they have other income revenues. Every decision made by the Government right now is a fine balance of economic, political and public health related considerations. The best message that the Government can put out there instead of explaining every decision in it's full complexity is to say that's it's just not safe and for everyone to accept that and that, while a difficult situation, the Government has to make hard decisions for the public health of the country....not mump and moan when you've already been given special dispensations, espouse completely ignorant opinions with no understanding of virology or come up with demented conspiracy theories and Trumpisms. At the end of the day there simply isn't a case for re-opening grounds as long as Covid is exponentially rising again as it is right now, regardless of what to you "seems pretty low risk". Everyone knows that the pandemic has to be brought back under control now before the winter months come in so it's not going to happen and pundits, league officials and even punters are being highly irresponsible in going public with their descension. It's hard enough right now without the weight of a mass of idiots pressing on the gates.
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    Ach, he was nothing without Archie Gemmill. PS thanks for the clip, back to when internationals actually were to be enjoyed and not endured.
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    Will it really matter? We would do hee haw with it apart from sign a livi dud
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    He ain't good enough for Baltimore Juniors.
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    At last somebody who gets it, but still think Bobby was the glue that brought the forward line together, just had a brilliant football brain as was and still is a nice guy.
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