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    Bit of a stretch to say “he's definitely suffered from being played out of position in an ever-changing line-up every week.” He was signed on the strength of being the right side of a strong back three at Livingston whilst Hearts signed the much lauded centre back. Hes looked assured though in his two caps this past week & wouldn’t be averse to seeing him there at club level if persisting with the current set up. I’m not sure we see the best of O’Donnell In the advanced role.
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    To be fair to him, the worst Celtic team in years still had multiple times the resources that Aberdeen would've had.
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    You have to put it in context though. For Scotland he is playing the centre of a 3 with 2 decent players either side. For us he is being played the right of a 3 with 2 fairly inexperienced/lesser players. Id like to see him in the centre for us with Mugabi and McGinley either side. Regardless, I think this week will have done wonders for his confidence, and we should see an improvement in his performances.
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    Considine looked more assured than McKenna. But then, Ive always thought that when we have played Aberdeen, let alone for Scotland....
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