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    Here' s a link to St Mirren history - around the 2.25 mark
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    Don't think I've ever seen anything on YouTube. It was covered by the BBC as their highlights game on the Saturday evening - what a game - real fitba, not this tippy tappy pish we get now - fuck I'm sounding like my old man
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    I saw his first goal of the season a few weeks ago. It was a classic.
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    The total time spent staring at the Verizon logo is worth exactly what you paid for it. Zero, for season ticket holders. About the price of a pint for overseas subscribers like myself. And overseas subscribers have more to complain about, because it's the upsurge in the numbers of the freeloaders that are causing the stress on infrastructure that we pay for. So, if anything, the season ticket holders owe each of us that pint.
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