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    Lazio away from a couple of years ago would be excellent with a C&A twist........or this seasons Lens
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    I can just imagine the outrage on here. Headlines like: Hunter should be hunted! Time to walk the plank Sailor! Shape up or ship out! Captain of a ship of fools! Sailor, abandon ship! And so on and so on...
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    My preferences for next season
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    I despise both cheeks of the erse. I dread it when we play them, home or away. None less though when our there are 5,000 of them behaving like a bunch of absolute reprobates in our stadium, a fair portion of them from Motherwell. What was remarkable though was Steven Gerrard and co hanging our the changing room windows on Edmiston Drive and then up at the gates encouraging it. It is hilarious that yet again they have sent letters and made noise about a big bad man doing it and running away whilst playing the victim regarding government statements. To hell with them. I am glad that 10 in a row never happened as it would've been a disgrace. In fact, anything over 2 in a row is a national disgrace to the game. I just wish someone other than the blue lot had stopped them. Thought for years that the two Edinburgh clubs and Aberdeen have the potential resources and fanbase that if they got a grip they could put a serious challenge up but the mentality in Scottish football is absolutely howfin.
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    As far as I am concerned Rangers fans are scum. It is a long time since I braved Ibrox but always found the walk from the car very intimidating. I am old enough to remember the time in the seventies when they broke in at Fir Park when we were ahead, the game got stopped and we lost after the restart. No action by the SFA. Rangers have been in three European finals and two of them, Barcelona and Manchester have ended in riots yet the media continue to fawn over them.
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    have a look at yourself FFS, thats an outrageous comment, people are dying every day and you are spouting pish like this.
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