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    I hope you all don’t mind me borrowing the club account for a personal post… I was devastated and shocked to learn of Andy’s passing. Like many of here, I have been lucky to have known him for well over 20 years, be it Supporters buses, exiles, away days and trips, fanzines, FPC, Well Worth Saving, the Supporters Trust, WTFC and so many others - our paths crossed so regularly and he was always so helpful and supportive of me when I needed him. The comments and tributes about his personality and character are so apt, he was a gem of a guy and a top ‘Well fan. I’ll miss him very much. My thoughts are with his wife Angela, his family and close friends at this terribly sad time. Rest easy mate. ‘Flow
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    Like a few others have already said, I only knew Andy through his input on this forum. As this is the internet, you would be within your rights to say that I didn't know him at all really. So why am I sitting here on the other side of the world feeling both sadness and a sense of loss? I think it must be because, in a world of instant communication and unfettered opinion, where trolls and howling loons seem to be the norm, he represented a different style, being unfashionably reasonable, knowledgeable and prepared to let others hold differing opinions, and all done in goood humour with a dry wit that never failed to raise a smile. This place will be the lesser for his passing, but this is just the internet so of no real account. Our loss is certainly nothing compared to that of his friends, family and loved ones, those who really knew him, and to those people I extend my sincere respect and condolences.
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    Really saddened to hear this. One of, if not the best poster on this site. I used to enjoy reading his post match analysis after every game. Condolences to his friends and family.
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    What's Connor Sammon got to do with Danny Johnson?
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    I’m really saddened to report that long-time forum member and much-respected ‘Well fan AndyP passed away suddenly last night. A very good guy and I’m sure even those who didn’t know him can tell by his posts on here how sound he was and how much of a diehard Dosser he was. Rest in peace, Andy.
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    A few years ago Andy helped out my wife with her psychology dissertation experiment. He came into Glasgow to take part on his day off. He said to her we are a family and we help each other where possible. She has asked me to pass on her condolences.
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    So sorry to hear this. Didn't know Andy, but I always enjoyed reading his views, always sensible, interesting and level headed, someone a lot of us could learn a thing or two from. Condolences to his family and friends.
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    Yep. Even at the games he always keeps us calm. You know something shite is happening on the pitch on the occassions when Andy lost it
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    Sad times indeed BS. I sit directly in front of Andy and have done for over 10 years. He was a voice of reason when required, with great wit and never scared to speak his mind. Our area of Fir Park definately won’t be the same and he will be missed greatly.
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    The mugs are everyone who buys a product advertised on a pitchside hoarding, behind an interviewed player in the tunnel or subscribes to Sky, Premier Sports and/or BT. I'd say it has a very stable foundation built on pretty much assured TV income. The reasons Moult would come here are: history, I'd argue his fondest memories playing football thus far, familiarity and TV exposure. At Burton he is close to home, wife happy, family close, commensurate or higher wages. Motherwell was sold as a stepping stone and both parties honoured their side of the bargain. His obvious affection such as turning up to matches and sitting in the stands is testament to the affinity that goes both ways. The only reason we could have been considered in the running for his signature is due to his injury, otherwise we'd have to wait till he was 30+.
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    Sad news indeed, remember him back from the original Exiles Club that he (I think?) set up back in the 90's.
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    He is the Head of Recruitment for Motherwell
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    You think the reason the motherwell team was less than fluent might be because we were playing with a striker that couldn't hold the ball up, beat a man or link play effectively?
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    Whilst I don't know enough to argue against your assertion about his time in England I'm not convinced your point about the Premiership/Scotland is correct. He wasn't a kick off double figures by the turn of the year having scored against both halves of the Old Firm and Aberdeen in a Motherwell team that was far from fluent. He simply wasn't given an opportunity thereafter when the formation changed post-Ross County Cup loss. He also scored 7 goals in 20 appearances for Dundee which isn't the worst record either.
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    A goal every two games at every club he's played at, including Motherwell and Dundee. That's exceptional. He's one of those players that makes me think I must know fuck all about football if he's not been able to impress with those stats.
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    Im absolutley gutted at this. Cant write much right now. Iv sat beside him at fir park for 12 + years. Got to know him through that. A great guy. We share the same surname, work in same industry and sat next to each other at the fitbaw. RIP Andy my friend.
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    Why Lamie wasn’t on top of him like a particularly contagious Chinese virus I don’t know
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    What the fuck are you talking about? Clap for someone who downed tools and like Vigurs. Even the most ironic of our fans wouldn’t revel in that.
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    Premier league wages, on the back side of a pandemic when you’re a championship player? He’s gonna sit on his thumbs, look skyward and thank his lucky stars someone at FP was out their tits on crack in mid January.
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