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    New away kit, Burrows said it would be released in a few weeks when the home top was released, Can't be too far away.
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    With resigning Fox, and rumours we are trying to get Kelly back on loan, you would have to think that Carson is not ready to return to the first team. All just speculation and the rumour about Kelly could be completely groundless, but that is what happens in the phoney war before a new season gets underway. I genuinely hope there is less to it and Trevor can make a full return to fitness and between the sticks for us. He is an excellent player and deserves a bit of good luck for a change.
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    A man of principle
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    No, I won't order anything with the MFC letters as opposed to the club crest.
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    Andy P will be sorely missed. He was a really nice bloke and someone who I always ended up near at away games. Often turning round and catching his eye with a "hullo" or a nod of the head if a bit further. Spoke to him a few times over the years and always had decent input. MadWullie gone too is another sad yin. Sorry to have heard of this one too. Decorator - Sorry for your loss also.
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    I was wondering why we would be excited by a 39 year old goalie with more baggage than a 747 but then I saw there is a young Chelsea midfielder with the same name. Aye that would be good.
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    No, it was the discovery of our 1952-55 white top/black shorts/claret, amber& black socks away that had a domino effect on other away kit finds. Not an earth shattering discovery, however, it might just be our first true floodlight away as it had a shiny ‘silk’ type appearance on the images I have looked at. This material was starting to become popular around the time. Since that find I think the 1919-20 claret yoke away is the stand out, as it’s effectively our first amber dominant top. Prior to this claret was the main shade and amber the secondary colour.
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    Woody was a good guy who I remember from overlapping social circles as a youngster. Had hoped he had turned the corner with his treatment, but sadly not. Thoughts are with his young family. Fucking shame man.
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