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    3 certs for tomorrow Get yer money on Gallagher picking up a yellow card,in the top four by ten to five and folk on here still pissing and moaning about how we didn't win by playing like Brazil 1970 world cup winning squad.
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    I thought McGinley was OK last season, but really struggled in his first few games this season. Hopfeully, that was just him taking a little longer after pre-season. Doesn't appear to be much between the two teams at this point, and would not be suprised if we pick up all 3 points. The winner coming from a penalty when Gallagher fouls Watt. I also hate the international breaks, and miss the days when players would play club football on Saturday, a Scotland game on a Wednesday and back to their club games the following Saturday.
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    3-2 to us with a 97th minute Tony Watt cross hitting Declan Gallagher in his big stupid face and the ball trickling over the line as he looks on helplessly.
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    I don't mind international football, but the need to have a break from domestic action can be a bit of a drag. Oh for the good old days of internationals on a Wednesday night with normal service resumed on the weekend. As for this game, looks like a good chance to see where we currently stand in the great scheme of things. Hopefully we have had a productive few days, further bedding in the new arrivals. I am sure that a decent performance will see us pick up a point at least.
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