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    I’d have went with “flag day at Ibrox yesterday and the only cunt not waving his was the fuckin linesman” should I apply for a job?
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    The form team in the league over the last 5 matches and we have taken 4 points from Aberdeen and Rangers game. That should pretty much mean Ross County take our pants down and bring us back to earth.......
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    Looks like the big difference is that we've just scored much more consistently across the fixtures rather than having feasts and famines.
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    A very good point at a traditionally difficult venue for us. I thought we started fairly well and it was good to see us trying to play on the front foot at Ibrox for a change. However, goals change games and theirs was clearly offside and very hard to take given the start we had made. After that their crowd got behind them and you could see them visibly take confidence from it. We held our discipline and defended well for the most part, although we rode our luck once or twice. Second half I thought it took us 10 minutes or so to get back into the game, but you could see us slowly gaining in confidence and when we scored I certainly felt we could get a second, but we were wasteful with the ball at crucial stages and let them off the hook a bit. No idea where the 6 minutes injury time came from but delighted we were able to defend so resolutely for a well earned draw. This team is starting to demonstrate a mental toughness we havent had for sometime. Previous Motherwell teams would have crumbled and lost that game. We are far from the finished article and still need to get the midfield sorted, but if we can keep our best players fit and on the pitch, we might just do something this season.
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    Yeah, he is, as is Gordon Dalziel apparently. I listen to SSB most days and I'd say that Gordan Duncan is the best anchor I've heard on it. Maybe its because he's genuinely detached and doesn't care for the OF tit for tat, but he's certainly strong enough on it to keep his frame and not pander. He's very good at stepping back, presenting objective fact and leaving people to tie themselves in knots. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    SOD was playing him offside. Neil McCann too embarrassed to keep pretending it's onside on RTV.
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    A wage thief is a player that clearly cant be arsed on the field of play, or who is quite happy to sit on the bench and let their contract expire despite having the opportunity to play elsewhere. Neither of those can be attributed to Charles Dunne, who despite his injury problems, will always be warmly regarded by the majority of Motherwell fans......
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