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    You've mentioned that twice now, despite surely knowing the difference? If Lawless was texting his comments to other Rangers-supporting mates then there's no issue. He's posting them on Twitter, knowing fine well it'll annoy the fans of the club he's currently playing for and who are paying his wages. Big difference.
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    Declan Gallagher left out of the latest Scotland squad.
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    Tbh I'd still rather have Gallagher over McKenna in that middle CB spot for Scotland. McKenna has to be one of the most overhyped players ever. Ojala over either of the two of them for us.
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    SOD and Kelly in the squad, no place for Watt. No place for Gallagher either, absolute fanny he is.
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    The only issue for me is that he's not very good at football!
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    Callum Slattery weeyin 4 hours ago
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    Bottom line is, there are many posters on here that don't rate him - which is fine, we all like/dislike different players. The "looking for things you don't like on social media" is just 21st century villagers and pitchforks with very selective standards. If Tony Watt is spotted in the crowd at the Celtic game on Thursday, there will be a sum total of zero outrage because, just like his texting with Liam Boyce, has no bearing on how well he plays for us.
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    That’s nonsense. If Van Veen or Ojala wanted to tweet about teams from their homeland then fair enough. The team that employs them are not in direct competition with these sides. Domestically though, I think it should be a case of doing your job and keeping your mouth shut. Especially on a platform that is so public. We all know Tony Watt supports Celtic but does he bang on about it? Hardly. Dom Thomas was also guilty of it, which caused him not to be endeared by many.
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    Same team as yesterday with maybe Donnelly or Goss in for Grimmy
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