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    I wasn't at the game yesterday but if I was I'd probably have gave Turnbull a polite clap when he was warming up then basically ignored him the rest of the game. When it comes to a guy that's by all accounts a genuine Motherwell fan, who pretty much singlehandedly made the 18/19 season worth watching, went out of his way to ensure the club got our record transfer fee for him when he could have run his contract down twice,has never publicly badmouthed the club in a situation where lots of other footballers would have and - let's be honest- will most likely be back at Fir Park in ten years once he's made his millions and lost the rest of his pace- I really don't think it's worth getting worked up about.
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    I didn't clap, but it was a touch of class...he's a naturally gifted footballer who brought us in a whack of money, I wouldn't be too down on anyone who did clap. Maybe the fact it wasn't the tightest of games and it really just confirmed result led folk to clap. Take the colours away and we all go to watch exciting football, hopefully by mfc , but not always.
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    Mcginley is an easy target. The imposter is on the other side. Again I repeat how many goals is this guy going to / has cost us this season. Didn’t put in a tackle all day and allowed cross after cross unchallenged. He’s a bottom six player if that. I’ve had enough of the easy target brigade. O’Donnell out.
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    Former Motherwell captain, Declan Gallagher was recalled to the Aberdeen starting 11 and helped cement a continuation of their most consistent run of results in years.
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    They definitely have more. Have you forgotten a prominent section of their support caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to Fir Park not so long ago? That is but one example. All in all they are just a horrible, horrible club. They run the Scottish game through manipulation and bullying and have plenty of backing in the media and in politics to help them do so. You don’t need science to be able to see this.
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    We had a great angle of the turnbull goal effectivly cutting inside just infront of us. It was clearly not a hit and hope effort, the fact he seemingly executed something like that at will was top class. However, he had the freedom of fir park to size it up. While we couldnt do anything about the strike itself, we are at fault for not closing him down and putting pressure on him. Christ, if theres one team in the league that should know what he is capable of, its us.
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    Maybe this is harsh on Grimshaw I think if your major skill set or attribute, in his case 'hard working, gives his all etc' can be equally applied to working in a bakery or an Amazon warehouse as it can to being a footballer then you have a problem. Football shouldn't be a non skilled profession.
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    Bit surprised at the team selection today. If ever there was a team we were set up to play against this season it is Celtic. They like to keep possession, push forward but are week at the back, so as a counter attaxking team, today was made for us. So dropping KVV for Roberts was a surprise and also OHara for Goss, guven the work rate we needed from the midfield. That aside, I thought we started strongly and looked good until Collum decided to intervene. The decision against McGinley for a very good tackle was laughable, but to then compound it moments later by not giving a foul on Slattery in the run up to their goal was incredible. Yes, we should defend it better after that, but big decisions change games and we go from not getting a foul 30 yards from their goal to being 1-0 down. We lost our way after that, and it wasnt until well into the 2nd half before we really looked dangerous again. Then enter the officials. Or not as the casr may be! Its a stonewall penalty. Yes we have to score it and yes, that would only make it 2-1, but at least then its a game. Overall, I think we can do much better. We all know our midfield is dysfunctional, and we should defend the first goal better, and despite Turnbulls great strike, I still expect Kelly to get his feet off the ground for the 2nd. I also couldnt believe Kelly never once played the ball over Raltons head for Woollery to run on to, the amount of space there was in behind was ridiculous. This wont define our season, but its frustrating as hell not to really lay a glove on a team who have so many weaknesses.
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    doesnt say much for fox then ,,, to be honest i like kelly but heez been at fault for 3 of the last 4 goals weve lost just hope to feck his new gloves ( the ones with the hawns in them ) arrive before thenext game
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    Sondre has an achilles injury, although involved in the warm up he will not be near starting until that's cleared up. Also Kelly was playing with a back injury but was preferred over Fox
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    Just going with general opinion, 4 3 3 needs changed, grimmy gives you everything but is very limited, woolery I am sorry but doesn't bring enough and left back is a big problem. Blatant handball a disgrace so spare me the pish from sellik fans that they never get decisions. And also fair play to turnbull for not celebrating though I am bewildered he got booed early on, jeez get a grip!!, lifelong well fan, signs new contract to get us max money buy yet still gets stick, embarrassing
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    Big Bevis. Our top performer this season but I'd put him back to right back bring in big Sol and give SOD some time on the bench.
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    Shape or players? Bit of a chicken and the egg situation. However our midfield has been absolutely garbage in every match I've seen this season. We've had 40% or less possession in 5 out of 9 matches this season and we've averaged 38% over all the matches. I think we've been reasonable at the back, we've scored in most of our games, midfield is where the improvement needs to be.

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