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    Hysterical reaction, geez a break David, Motherwell fans giving an opinion about our current manager and our current form . If this form continues and we slide into the relegation zone ……then you’ll see a melt down.
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    I knew we'd see this hysterical reaction when we hit this run of games, so I can't say I'm surprised. For me, Hearts and Dundee United away, with Celtic and Rangers at home was always going to be a tough run of games. I thought we'd maybe get a point out of that lot at best, but although we didn't, we did get a point at Ibrox which was unexpected. The St Mirren game is the only real bugbear I have at the moment. We should have won that one, and although there were extenuating circumstances involved, we didn't really deserve more than the point we got. However, before the aforementioned run we managed to draw away at St Johnstone and Rangers, while beating Livingston, and we beat Dundee, Aberdeen and Ross County at home, only losing to Hibs in the season opener. We're currently sitting 7th, although we're joint 5th really on points with Aberdeen and Hibs, which isn't bad at all. We're playing Aberdeen and Dundee away this month, with Hearts and Dundee United at home. I'd be looking for 4 points minimum from those games, with 5 or more being a good return. Everyone knows the directives our manager has at the start of the season. Avoid relegation, challenge for top six if we can. Personally, I didn't think top six was going to be realistic this season with the quality in the league. I see Rangers and Celtic in some form taking the top two slots, with Hearts, Hibs and Dundee United taking three. It'll likely be between Aberdeen, and one of St Mirren, St Johnstone or ourselves for that final place. If we can nab that we can consider this a very good season. Is the football entertaining? I guess not, but I find it strange when Motherwell fans talk about entertaining football. I honestly don't even realise if we're playing attractive football, as my main concern is us winning. I'm invested in the result, and kicking every ball during the 90 minutes. If entertaining football was the prerequisite for supporting a football team the majority of sides would have no fans. If I want entertainment I'll fire on the Sky box and watch Chelsea or Man City. More often than not the big teams with the most talented footballers can provide entertainment. I watch Motherwell not to be entertained, but because it's just what I've always done.
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    Its easy to point the finger at McGinley and O'Donnell, but they are being coached to keep a narrow back four and defend their box. When the ball is crossed for the first goal, McGinley is in the position he has been told to be in. However, the cross and finish are top drawer so he has no time to react and get out there. Our midfield and forward line should be dropping back to fill those gaps and preventing such an easy ball, but the entire way we are set up is rotten and exposing our players all over the park. We have been getting away with it against most of the teams in the league, but the minute you play against a higher standard of opponent your definiencies get found out.
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    My thought as well MJC. Totally pissed off with yesterday and long for the days when we knew we would give them a game. Im going to make some excuses here and I will likely get slagged off but the players have to believe they can beat them which I dont think is the case and tony watt chance at 1-0 was massive and also when watt cut inside v arfield a 1-0 he could have went down and gave ref a decision to make. Rangers are more streetwise also as in 2nd half we were attacking down right and bassey was injured which meant we had extra numbers but he stayed down and walsh stopped the game, he got back up after physio on and running about no bother. Small things but that is what we needed after they scored their 1st we needed a bit of gamesmanship from someone. Odonnell and mcginley getting a lot of stick on here but all game tavernier and bassey had the whole side they were on to theirselves, why was our forward players one on each side not told to mark them if they attacked. Mcginley and goss in 1st half were dealing with tavernier aribo and arfield every attack and 3 v 2 is only going to be one winner. Our forwards do not track their opposing fullbacks and that imo is big issue and why we get overrun in midfield. SOD and mcginley are also really lacking in confidence that was shown in a few breakaways where they mucked up simple passes. 2015 seems a lifetime ago and with the players we have and tactics used its hard to see any light at end of tunnel. Only pass marks yesterday were bevis,sol.ohara and i also thought shields done ok in the sense he was busy but that should be a given and not something you get praise for. I also understand people wanting rid of Alexander because the football is dire and I dont see him adjusting the team for certain games. Everyone knows rangers full backs are their main creative force but we let them get on with it with no one tracking them. Good managers see the main threat in opposition and plan something to stop it. I can maybe be judged as happy clapper as I try to always see the positive but its hard last night and this morning. Anyway back to work and Aberdeen at weekend and heres hoping we see a big reaction.
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    Totally agree with you but the fact is neither are Slattery & Goss we need players who will battle for the cause ....
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    Hey guys, I am calm cos I am a much better fan. Entertainment? Not for me, I'd like to stand there bored for 82 mins and hope we sneak a goal in the few minutes we play football.
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    On a separate note it’s high time the post interviewer whoever he is starts to ask some difficult questions ie the questions the fans would ask him . He gets an easy time every week . Stop blowing smoke up his Arsenal with easy questions and making it ridiculously easy for him . Time he was taken to task by asking him much tougher questions . Total waste of time as it is presently .
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    Has any of the reaction been genuinely ‘hysterical’? We’re on a bad run, lost four out of our last five and our only point in that time came in a game we threw away a 2-0 lead in. Add to that the football is absolutely turgid and the manager seems unwilling to change anything. I think the reaction has been perfectly understandable. We could of course all just spout the clichéd party lines that would make certain people in the club and the media dept very proud. “I remember worse times as a Well fan. This is what following a wee provincial team is all about, people need to remember we were in the 1st division in the 1980s and in administration twenty years ago and we’re punching above our weight. If you don’t like it away and support the Old Firm, I’m staying a Motherwell fan and proud to be. Can’t wait til January when we make more signings and welcome a few more English lower league players to our great wee club. Proudly riding the Motherwell rollercoaster as ever”
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    We can all see there needs to be a change in tactics. But there is absolutely no way on earth this manager will change his 433, and as usual we will get overrun in midfield and Aberdeen will take over the middle of the park. We will allow them to put cross after cross into the box. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but the man is not for changing anything. I also posted a while back how Goss was totally useless against Celtic, and was told in no uncertain terms," you can't judge him against Celtic", Who can you judge him against? Thats one of the teams we play, and since then he has done virtually nothing in the next two games. Shouldn't be in the team, has brought nothing.
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    Found out today, or our lack ran out. Think back to the Aberdeen game, we won of course, but they missed heaps of chances. The same happened against Rangers at Ibrox, and Ross County at FP. It was a matter of time before we took a skelping. Thank fuck our centre halves are capable or it could have been much, much worse. Ojala, Johansen and Mugabi (bar a few dodgy moments) all seem like good players who read the game well, it's the fullback and midfield where we fall extremely short. I don't think Goss is the answer, and Slattery has been poor the last few games. O'Hara and Grimshaw are nothing more than hardworking utility players. Not sure where we go from here, but I can't see Alexander changing his tactics. I think GA will stick with a 433 with us defending the penalty box for large periods of the game. It's painful to watch, even when we're winning. I'm really undecided about Alexander. I like his passion and I thought he was making us steely and hard to beat, but aside from the opening game of the season against Hibs, the performances have been hard to watch. The possession we are happy to give us is frightening, and it seems like a blatant tactical choice from GA. Roberts, Watt, Wooley and KVV are all good in the air, but with McGinley and SOD having extremely poor distribution, I fear we're on a hiding to nothing.
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    It's greener than it was when we were 11th and sitting on 19 points in January '21. And Robinson had league runs of 1 win in 14 and another of 1 win in 13. Alexander longest run is 5. There is currently no comparison between Alexander and Robinsons performance. If at any point there is, I certainly won't be defending him.
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    We've won 4 games this season and O'Donnell missed 3 of them. Coincidence? EDIT - Oh and Mugabi was right back for all of them.
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    Tell me why we wont hit rock bottom from what I've been watching we have been outplayed by every team in the league this season.
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