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    Utter nonsense. Fanciful stuff but if we can win on Tuesday that would be 9 points from 12 when I would have guessed 4 or 5. Clearly it is going to be an up and down season….
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    Today sums up life as a well fan but I ain't going to panic, let's concentrate on getting back on board for Tuesday, COYW
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    Just back. Truly woeful display. I thought the Airdrie performance was hard to beat for drudgery but that first half was truly woeful. Right from the first minute the body language from the players told you everything you needed to know. Not one of them wanted to play in the bitter north wind. Every player just going through the motions. Not one player gets a pass mark in that first half and I include Kelly who stopped a near certain 5 goals half time lead for Dundee instead of 2-0 2nd Half we brought on Van Veen and Roberts and the bollocking from the manager. lots of huffing and puffing. Van Veen off the post but inevitably Dundee score a well worked goal. Its schoolboy errors my son said all Dundee are doing is creating overlaps on the wings and firing balls into the box. We just couldn't deal with Schoolboy football. I die inside any time Nathan McGinley gets the ball or goes anywhere near active play. He is eye bleedingly awful
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    Plenty of bad player out there but by fuck mcginley takes the biscuit, carrol with one leg would be better,
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    McGinlay and Grimshaw are worse than a man short they need replaced asap, just feel for all the supporters that travelled up there today wasted money
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    Unwatchable for me too and my stream is running just fine.
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    It was like returning from an achilles injury - never quite the same player after a gluing.
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    Morecambe must be interested as well then
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    Its hard to know how this one is gonna play out. I guess it all depends on what Motherwell turns up. That might depend on team selection given there will be players returning from injury and suspension. If I was GA, Id be tempted to go same again. I think the performance level v Hearts was arguably our best of the season, so nobody could have any complaints if he chose to do so. Challenge those players to go and repeat the performance and get the consistency we need if we are genuinely going to challenge for top 6. If they cant, then we can always freshen it up second half.
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    Bring back Scotlands no 1 full back, apparently we don't win when he's playing?????.

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