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    This makes me very happy! The thought of him turning out for the other blue mob was pretty depressing.
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    That's got to be the wildest pish I have read on here and that's a feat.
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    We have had a bid for the first choice striker then he disappears out the squad with a 'knock'. We have all seen this movie before. As for SOD I'll be very surprised if he captains us again. You are correct about the squad being weaker. We need two starting quality attackers even if Van Veen doesn't go back to Holland.
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    So what positives did you take from that dugshite of a performance . The only thing u can say is the players got 90 mins under their belts and looked as bad as ever
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    You really are a man incapable of having a positive bone in your body. Living with you must be a truly miserable experience.
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    Our away strip is cracking to be fair.
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    Game kicked off at 3pm, edit ignore the post ithought you were talking about the game today at Partick Thistle doh
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    I'll pay face value for 2 adult tickets and keep my integrity which probably means I won't get any as I'll be the lowest bid.
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