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    For me, if Gallagher is match fit he has to play. Harsh as it may seem on Magloire who has done well in the last couple of games. It’s a similar situation to when O’Donnell came back in for Johnston despite the latter having played well. We need our best and most experienced players on the pitch given the situation we’re in.
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    It may not have aged Well...but it does not mean u r wrong. I hope the decision to bench DG is not one GA will regret !
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    Disagree about those stating Ainsworth only played when near a contract extension. I don't questions that guys attitude at all. He was a winger that went through a variety of highs and lows and was not an "imposter"
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    Good on GA for sticking with the guys who ok ayes well last week.
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    Ok, your opinion on his qualities, a couple of weeks ago Lamie was one of the worst players and hardly even a footballer, now he and a young guy keep out a full Scottish international and captain in a relegation fight ? Makes little sense to me but maybe they both play today, keep another clean sheet, and it’s all good.
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    Just out of curiosity, Dave, is there a team in the league you don't consider to be stronger physically and more streetwise than Motherwell? No matter who our manager has been and who we have in our team, you always seem to feel that the opposition (no matter who they are) are cannier, stronger and steetwise. Not saying it's never the case, but it can't be the case every week surely....
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    Hopefully going into this game with same attitude and work ethic as we showed against Hibs. Should be full of confidence. No silly mistakes, pass the ball better and we should be good for 3 points. COYW
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    Clubs never reveal their hands when it comes to signings and contract negotiations. Agents are the biggest shysters on the face of the planet. Fans make up wild conspiracy theories based on their own prejudices. No facts were harmed in the making of this story.

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