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    At least he isn't a complete fucking wanker Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    So thats three trout and a Mullet then.
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    I am almost NEVER right so I am going to take this opportunity to pretend I know what I am talking about. I am also going to take the opportunity of a great result to make a couple of points about some negative comments over this last month. 1. 'We are favourites to be relegated' We were no more favourites to be relegated in 12 place after 7 games than we are to favourites to finish 8th now after 8 games. We should try looking at the bigger picture. 2. 'Robinson should be sacked now because after Hibs and Aberdeen beat us we will only have 4pts.' Let's try to make statements about sacking managers based on the facts of what has happened, rather than negative speculation of what might. 3. 'Motherwell were not really 3rd last season because Aberdeen would have finished 3rd' Can we be absolutely certain about that based on today's result? They might have but like point 2, I would rather base judgement on the fact that Motherwell did finish third, rather than that Aberdeen may have in some mythical end to the season. Great result today. Let's give our team the benifits of the doubt and give them some proper backing.
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    If a magic genie offered us 1.5mish now or £500k in compo at the end of the year, I would choose the latter. It's tough watching the likes of Scott and Cadden move on, it's brutal seeing Turnbull grinning at us all in a Celtic shirt, but I'll genuinely be gutted when the wee man goes. Would love to keep him for just one more season, especially seeing as we are surely financially secure for years to come.
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    Or Shaka? His knickers have been wringing for a couple of weeks as well.....
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    Was fly fishing for for trout. Got three and the back of the guy's head I was sharing the boat with.
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    3 wins in 8 days Yodo, good times eh
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    Tortuous but somehow ultimately triumphant. As drained as I've felt watching a Motherwell game for some time. And all looking so good too. We had a shaky moment or two in the first half, the free-header immediately springs to mind, but two up and a couple off the line it seemed like we were well on the way. And suddenly.... It wasn't actually that much of a surprise that Coleraine did get a penalty as they seemed to go out of their way to claim for absolutely anything and everything inside the box throughout the game, the vast majority blatantly chancing it. And they were none too shy in trying to create a picture for the referee. I don't know if there's any better angles of the incident emerged than the brief view we had of the first but from the snippet it seemed Carson was comfortably claiming the ball before a few seconds there was the coming together. First reaction was the going down of the Coleraine player and claiming for a penalty was in keeping with their previous attempts to win one, and if O'Hara did foul him when Carson had it under control it was incredibly stupid, We then had a horrible 15 minutes or so before the change of shape seemed to restore some order of a sort but we never at any time regained control of the game in the way we had in the first half so were always vulnerable. We rode our luck with the disallowed goal and just when it seemed we'd done enough another penalty and red-card to boot. Again another questionable decision. At that point it looked grim but I would at that stage, for all the performance was had been largely abysmal in the second half, have to give them credit for re-grouping in extra-time. How much of that was down to Coleraine tiring I don't know but down to 10 men, the substitutions having largely destroyed the midfield and the home side having the momentum I thought - again riding our luck once again with the one off the line aside - we did pretty well in extra-time. I might also have expected Long to do better with his chance in the first half of extra-time. And so to penalties. I think most of us will have thought us doomed when it got to that stage. Memories of several lost shoot-outs, Carson having already been beaten twice, their win against Maribor. It just seemed set up for disaster. But there you go, what a shoot-out from Carson and we're through. I've seen us go out in Europe in unfortunate circumstances and plenty of what might have beens so I'm not going to get too hung up on fortune being with us last night to see us through. The performances of many, and collectively for a fair chunk of the game is a different matter entirely.
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    So on reflection a game of two half’s. We were by far the better team first half and the game should have been over, knocked the ball around well with plenty of energy, I thought Campbell was excellent with some nice touches from Watt and Land looking very sharp. Honestly I thought we would go on to win by four or five but as we’ve seen before if we start off a half sluggish it generally carries on that way and it’s fair to say that second half we were dreadful with Robinson even having to change the formation which seemed to calm us down at first before panic set in again. Not sure if Campbell picked up an injury but he was hardly seen and that alone made a huge difference, we were second to just about every ball and just not switched on, the pens were soft and I don’t like to keep highlighting Mugabi but he’s caught out far to often ball watching, he should not be losing his man, especially at this level but it happened again two or three times. Lamie was also poor and Gallagher has gone backwards, I’m not a fan of these long diagonal balls. I think we need an experienced centre half rather like Hartly or even better Aldred although I’m still of the opinion letting him go was the right decision, we just failed to replace him. We also need another midfield player given who we have lost along with decent wide men. Three decent additions and I believe we will push on because there are still plenty of very good players in the squad. Having said all that it’s three wins from the last four and any talk of Robinson out is rediculous.
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