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    Well, that will do wonders for team spirit! Something that has served us well in recent years. Sure, some of the new signings are not playing well and appear short of fitness. So do several of the established players. But, hey, let’s only blame the new boys and single them out in public. If Steve Robinson has an issue with players, old or new, he should be addressing it behind closed doors. Voicing criticism publically (no matter how valid) seldom ends well. Wonder how he would react if players or his Board criticised his questionable tactics or team selection in such a manner?
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    You should be down the The Nosh and Bevvy drowning yer sorrows
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    Some guys need an arm round the shoulder, others a swift kick. As he works with them every day I hope he knows which is which. (Although I may be biased, as I always fell into the "responds better to yelling" camp when I played at my very mediocre level).
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    Recruitment for clubs at our level is getting more and more difficult. Money is everything in football. There are players who would rather sit in stand, than play for us on peanuts. The guys we sign are all punts, and need time to adjust. To many are quick to bin them or give them a chance. Yet, the guys that have apparently not been replaced, were punts as well. Football management is not easy. The guys shouting for sackings, are never going to be happy. Todate we have only been beaten by city clubs on much bigger resources. Yes, there are issues within our team, but we need to give them time and our support.
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