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    Having been an avid reader as regards the content and discussion on this forum, I decided to join. May I just say for my first post, Mr Fortyarder you must have been some player yourself and to describe our Captain and 20 plus Scotland cap player as Dugshite I wonder why you even post or support the team. Some of your comments regarding our players are outrageous.
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    Like a few others have already said, I only knew Andy through his input on this forum. As this is the internet, you would be within your rights to say that I didn't know him at all really. So why am I sitting here on the other side of the world feeling both sadness and a sense of loss? I think it must be because, in a world of instant communication and unfettered opinion, where trolls and howling loons seem to be the norm, he represented a different style, being unfashionably reasonable, knowledgeable and prepared to let others hold differing opinions, and all done in goood humour with a dry wit that never failed to raise a smile. This place will be the lesser for his passing, but this is just the internet so of no real account. Our loss is certainly nothing compared to that of his friends, family and loved ones, those who really knew him, and to those people I extend my sincere respect and condolences.
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