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    You got to laugh at us Motherwell fans...... I was at the game today and don’t disagree with many of the comments but come on tae f*ck. Only our support could take 3 wins in a row, 3 clean sheets and 8 goals scored and turn it into... - we were not that good - we did not deserve the 3 points - Scott is overrated We are 3rd top and not 3rd bottom you miserable so and so’s
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    If he's on 5 grand a week, quite a bit lower than the average wage at Rangers, he'll still earn over a million pounds over four years. To stay at Motherwell would literally be like winning the lottery, then tearing up your ticket so you can keep working at McDonalds. On top of that he's played 14 more games and scored 3 more goals than he had this time last year at Motherwell, ie none, in front of much bigger home crowds (Rotherham 8,000 - 10,000 ave attendance) and at a level that's no worse, and arguably better than he'd be playing most weeks in the Premiership.
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    As a Motherwell fan of a certain vintage, any win against Hearts is a good win. Nine ponts in a week when our squad is weakened by illness. This week could prove to be the defining point of our season. There will be ups and downs before the split, but we can all see that this squad is capable of playing better. Given the standard of our league, I'd say that top six is now our goal, not trying to avoid the drop. The stability that another season in the top division offers a club with our business model cannot be overestimated.
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    We deserved that win. We deserved to win by more and would have if our officials knew the basics.
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    One of the best tactical fouls I've seen from a Motherwell player there from Donnelly. Absolutely done the Hearts boy haha.
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    We are easily a top six team this season.
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    Well said glad I didn't post that though might have upset a few on here
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    If any of the reporters want to know exactly why Mulraney was sent off, they just need to look at the MFC TV stream which had him on a full face close-up just as he was expressing his frank opinions to the ref. Safe to say he wasn't congratulating him on a decision well made.
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    Always glad to be proved wrong on my gloomy predictions. I am the anti jinxer.
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    Very good 3 points, wee bit of quality was the difference in the end. Thought Hylton, Polworth, Campbell and Carroll were class. Crazy to think some people had written Carroll off because of a few Twitter comments. The guy is class.
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    If only I'd lazily typed "& Killie" instead of "and Kilmarnock".
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    And a foreign, tax evading, convicted fraudster of a businessman away from being a top two side
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    And it turns out he can smile after all.
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    Who got the deliberate accidental "chest-off" to Carroll?
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    Hylton again - not bad for the Hastie wannabe. (Tasty finish from Long, too).
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    Fucking hell, what an assist from Hylton Contract extension now.
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