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    I don't know that if put these as favourites but both were mental celebrations. Both strangely enough against Dunfermline. We played at East End Park were miles ahead at the top of the 1st Division but Andrew Waddell was the referee was being a pure cunt to us. Game was 0-0 Joe Wark injured and made him walk right round the track. Every decision going against us then in the 92 minute young Paul Mills scored the winner. Scenes of bedlam. The other was a tense relegation battle at Fir Park we were 2-0 down at half time them Stevie Cowan tuns in some performance and we win 3-2 again scenes of pure bedlam.
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    Easy for me, but I would doubt if there is any TV highlights still available. MOTHERWELL 3 TOTTENHAM 2 ! Unbelievable night!
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    I think my favourite piece of footballing karma is when your opponent concedes a red card tackle outside the box to prevent a goal, and you score from the resulting free kick.
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    “I hope a sixteen year old boy who I had never even heard of up until today goes on to have a terrible career because he doesn’t play for my team any more.” Wise up man.
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