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  1. Passes away, aged 82 http://www.skysports.com/share/12233291
  2. No doubt the jury is out on the scouting and fitness elements of the club, but given Liam Kelly's performances alone since he came in, you could argue January's transfer window has been more positive than negative and has made all the difference...given the alternative was running with Morisson (unknown?) / Chapman for the second half of the season.
  3. We have taken 7 wins from a total of 30 games, can you honestly see us taking 3 wins from the 8 games remaining? Yeah, I know most are against the teams around us, but so have half of the 30 games played so far.
  4. That's exactly my thoughts as well. Someone above mentioned Falkirk and Dunfermline, you could also add in ICT, Dundee and Partick too, my fears would be we could easily become be another name within that bracket. I wouldn't be too confident of an immediate return.
  5. Be worth debating at the end of the season, however it ends, is this current team really that rank rotten, or has a full season without fans been that detrimental to the team that its affected performances.
  6. Top 6 is long gone. I'm as optimistic as any 'Well fan, going so far to predict an uber rare win at Celtic Park two weeks ago, but even I scoff at the idea that top 6 is even remotely achievable now this season.
  7. Lamie hat-trick and a Mugabi 30 yarder.
  8. Nice one - so not all that far away......well, until it changes! :-)
  9. Thanks, I had heard / read that prior, but the cynic in me wonders how legit it is / was. I guess that all changes the picture dramatically if that does ever take shape, as suddenly a piece of land worth whatever, might be worth 2 or 3 times whatever. Also, what timescales are we talking for this? I mean, given the talk that the Ravenscraig site has already been sitting for 20 years (give or take) can we assume we'll be waiting another 20 years for this upgrade to come to fruition? Don't suppose anyone knows on here, or if you yourself do Pw2, as it would be good know what the current 'guestimations' must be for these links to be made.
  10. Unless it was going to be part of a larger retail park, akin to that behind Douglas Park - or whatever the fuck it is called these days! - then I really can't see a supermarket being interested in buying the land Fir Park is on purely due to it's location, with it effectively hiding away behind pre-existing residential accommodation, away from the main roads. That coupled with the substantial build up of traffic any such retail place would likely bring with vehicles trying to exit either onto a busy Airbles Road or an equally busy Windmillhill Street. Of course, my opinion there could be complete shite and miles off the mark!
  11. Just as Killie had been "excellent" too... Well, according to the Beeb?!
  12. Plied with red wine on Saturday night I blurted out a 1 nil win to the good guys...so I'm gonna stick with it...!!
  13. Without a doubt, so would I...with the squad we have, we are a far better team with Gallagher playing in it, but until it comes out, everyone is jumping to conclusions...Yodo included. But IF it transpires there are some 'shenanigans' going on in anyway...that word IF...then we can't be playing players who aren't committed to playing...and if a player doesn't play for five months before, he's more than likely not going to make the Euro squad. I'm siding on a genuine - (bad coincidentally timed) - injury, but that would be good to be confirmed sooner one way or another.
  14. I know agreeing with Yodo is outwith the norm for this site, but if there is any grain of truth in this, then I completely agree with this.
  15. The Jordan Robert's one is a strange one, seemingly come from out of nowhere and the comments on here only mirror those from the Jambos fans that seem more than happy to be shot of him. Take Melvin's comments on board, and like most I'm happy to give him a shot and see what he's got in the locker, but on the face of it, it's still significantly underwhelming. I can only imagine the Eddie Nolan one came from GA's knowledge and experience from lower leagues down south, perhaps recognising he has something that we could do with for the next few months...leadership in defence perhaps? Either way, I can't imagine the squad of players we have just now will be recognisable to the squad we will be starting the (whatever?!) league next season.
  16. Pretty much every comment to this story on the Hearts Facebook page doesn't exactly inspire confidence!

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