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  1. You've done well...I gave up a good few years before you...I still read but I don't bother posting now because of it...too many point scorers trying to retort to each comment... It's not solely a Steelmen Online phenomenon...it's a Social Media thing nowadays...you can't unwanker a wanker, I'm afraid...
  2. The Tommy McLean South Stand ❤ Honestly, late 80's, early to mid-90's was easily my favourite era supporting my club. Lot to be said for a wee tartan shawl!
  3. He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy...!!
  4. You assume my comment to be a sarcastic one!
  5. This pissing competition is enthralling to the neutral spectator.
  6. You must have some of the posters on here blocked.
  7. So he can't make his Rangers debut until January 2022 then? * Berwick, Cove or Kilwinning...?!
  8. If that's the case, then his International career is over, if he can't be picked to play in front of his home crowd.
  9. Without wanting to drag politics into the equation, the cynic in me was thinking it was very simply a means to wind pro-Union Rangers fans by highlight a comment from a pro-Independence MP......wouldn't be like The Sun to do something like that though.
  10. Haha haha haha... Maybe just the name for starters...worked for me anyway... But aye, fuck him, mediocre wee dick that he is...
  11. I'm not on Twitter either, but it's easily Google-able...but aye...fuck him, show him the door...
  12. I thought the last time, there was a massive over-reaction on here to a guy in the stand watching his team, but he's obviously a sandwich short of a picnic posting stuff like this...fuck him, I'm now of the opinion that he's a wee wank who's pretty mediocre at football...
  13. Matter of time...can't put off the inevitable...
  14. Joe Wark is in, let's all calm down now, eh?
  15. Just Googled it, Henri Anier still only 30...feels like he played for us about 10 year ago...was only back in 2014!
  16. Some folks really need to grab the uncertainty of this 5G technology. Seriously, it won't be that when we're 0-0 with St. Mirren in the 93rd minute, Van Veen breaks away clean through on goal, only for Bill Gates to be a total cockwomble, take full control of his faculties and he runs flat out, face first over the wall into the East Stand.
  17. Scored on his home SPL debut. Can trap a bag of cement. Told Willie Collum to "fuck off". It's certainly a decent start.
  18. I cannae mind what I had for dinners last week, so probably mine that's hazy... In order, my memories of big Sieb in general rank as... (1) Pornstar looks (2) Swinging on the bar (3) Multi-coloured polka dot keeper top (4) Goalkeeping abilities
  19. We need to try squeeze through another couple of Scandinavian signings the next few windows, if nothing else, purely for the puntastic headline... "THE FOUR NORSEMEN OF THE FIRPARKOLYPSE!" (c)
  20. Totally agree, straight red for me, we'd be screaming for it if it was one of our guys piled to the grass. Although unless Willie Collum has futuristic, digital Robocop type vision, there's no way he's seen that tackle land just above the ankle at that speed, through 3 players...!
  21. Maybe my (lack of) memory. I like football, but I ain't no football analyst, I don't go into detail like the punters on here, hence why I don't post much on here. But to say one of our best goalkeepers, we seriously comparing Seib to Randolph, Ruddy, Carson, Gillespie...if so, my mind has taken leave of its senses...!
  22. Must have something about him if Gary Neville regrets getting shot of him...wonder of GA would've lasted longer at Valencia...?!
  23. Agree that "Alexanderball" certainly doesn't appear to be the most exciting I've seen in my time watching 'Well, but going back to where we were when he came in, we were on a one way ticket to the Championship, for God knows how long. He steered us in the right direction away from that, and so far, he has, by hook or by crook, utterly shit-fested 7 points from 12. Is he the long-term, frankly I doubt it, but so far, we're in a better place than we were this time last year. Christ knows the position we would be in had Robbo still been here...but I'm confident we wouldn't even be debating the merits of a wanky three points gained against Dundee, given we would've passed them by on the way down / up.
  24. As someone alluded to the other day, I think his comedic histrionics set him aside for particularly affectionate praise, but I don't honestly recall Dyskstra being that massively great back in the day to be honest, certainly not the levels remembered on here by some. Perhaps those who came and went before have pictured him in a higher regard due to the immediate comparisons.

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